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==Notable Visitors==
==Notable Visitors==
* [[Adam Monroe]] (deceased)
* [[Adam Monroe]]
* [[Hiro Nakamura]]
* [[Hiro Nakamura]]
* [[Matt Parkman]]
* [[Matt Parkman]]
* [[Nathan Petrelli]] (deceased)
* [[Nathan Petrelli]]
* [[Peter Petrelli]]
* [[Peter Petrelli]]

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Adam stands in the Company vault.
Location: Odessa, TX
Purpose: Storage

The Company vault is located three floors beneath Primatech Paper Co. This is where the Company keeps and heavily guards many of its valuable items.

Notable Visitors

Notable Contents



Adam instructs Peter to use his mind to open the vault. Peter begins to pry open the vault door. Peter succeeds, finding that his nose is bleeding. Adam tries to enter the vault when the two are confronted by Hiro, Matt, and Nathan. Hiro enters the vault and tries to stop Adam, who has the vial containing the virus hidden behind his back. Adam tells him that God had the right idea in flooding the world, wiping out humanity and letting the few remaining people have a new start. Hiro grabs Adam's shoulder and the two teleport away, with Adam letting go of the vial with the virus. Peter catches the vial telekinetically then secures the vial. After destroying the vial, Matt and Nathan discuss taking down the Company while being monitored by a surveillance camera from within the vault.


  • In the Season 3 week 21 edition of Behind the Eclipse writers Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski said that these items will lead into the more mythological aspects of the show: "What were those three cards? And that Trojan horse? Are there little men in there?"
  • To the question where the objects might be after the Company has folded, writer Oliver Grigsby said on "They could be any number of places by now. Sort of like soviet nuclear weapons after the end of the cold war."


Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Vault for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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