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{{Infobox item
| image = Snowglobes.jpg
| caption = <!-- OPTIONAL Caption for image -->
| first = [[The Hard Part]]
| owned = Virginia Gray
| status = In [[Virginia's home]]
[[Virginia Gray]] has a collection of '''snow globes'''.
===[[Episode:The Hard Part|The Hard Part]]===
[[Sylar]] brings [[Virginia Gray]] a new snow globe--a scene from [[Odessa, Texas]]. She comments that this new piece completes her collection of the continent, save Oregon. Later, Sylar combines his powers of [[freezing]] and [[telekinesis]] to make a giant snow globe around Virginia. At first she's excited, but when the snow storm lifts one of her snow globes and accidentally cuts her with it, she abruptly runs out of the room.
===[[Episode:One of Us, One of Them|One of Us, One of Them]]===
[[Angela]] says to [[Gabriel Gray|her son]] that he'd always understood on some level that he wasn't the son of a watch repairman and [[Virginia Gray|a woman]] who collected Hummel figurines.
[[Angela]] tells [[Sylar]] that he isn't the son of [[Virginia Gray|a woman]] who collected snow globes.
===[[Episode:A Clear and Present Danger| A Clear and Present Danger]]===
[[Sylar]] finds a snowglobe with a Taj Majal figure inside it in [[Samson Gray]]'s [[Samson Gray's home|home]].
===[[Episode:I Am Sylar|I Am Sylar]]===
On [[Danko]]'s advice to find an anchor for his identity, [[Sylar]] uses his [[Homeland Security]] connection to gather the evidence from the [[Virginia Gray]] murder. Amongst the evidence are some of Virginia's snowglobes, most notable the [[Eiffel Tower|France]] globe, which Sylar breaks against the wall. Sylar [[Shape shifting|shape shifts]] into Virginia and states it was her favorite. There is also the [[New York]] globe, Virginia's Mother's day gift from Sylar, and a rabbit globe.
Image:Odessa_snowglobe.JPG‎|[[Sylar]] buys [[Virginia Gray|his mother]] a snow globe from [[Odessa]].
Image:White_house_snowglobe.JPG‎|Virginia dreams of her son becoming [[White House|president]].
Image:Sylar_uses_telekinesis_on_snowglobes.jpg‎|Sylar [[telekinetic]]ally manipulates two snow globes.
Image:In_a_glass_bubble.JPG‎|Virginia looks at a picture of her young [[Sylar|son]] in a snow globe.
Image:Eiffel globe.jpg|Sylar crushes [[Eiffel Tower|Mother's favorite]].
Image:Liberty_globe.jpg|A  [[Statue of Liberty]] globe was [[Gabriel]]'s gift for Mother's Day.
Image:Rabbit globe.jpg|Virginia holds a globe with a [[rabbit]] inside.
* In a [ video interview] [[Zachary Quinto]] confirmed it was himself as a boy inside the globe.
[[de:Virginias Schneekugel]]

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