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{{AppearancesNowhere Man, Part 3}}
{{AppearancesNowhere Man, Part 3}}
* The ''Nowhere Man'' series was included with the bonus features on the [[Season Three DVD]].
==See Also==
==See Also==

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Nowhere Man, Part 3
Pulling the Strings
Webisode number: 19
First released: May 4, 2009
Nowhere Man, Part 3.jpg
Written by: Jim Martin
Directed by: Chris Hanada
Tanner Kling
Previous Webisode: Nowhere Man, Part 2
Next Webisode: Nowhere Man, Part 4
With his prospects for a normal life fading, Doyle takes matters into his own hands.




Eric is stting at the hospital, sleeping. Lauren wakes him up, giving him a cup of coffee. Eric thanks her. Lauren is sitting next to him. Eric asks her if she heard anything and she replies that Kyle is going to be okay. Lauren asks Eric what just happened back at work. Eric tells her that he's a puppeteer and Lauren asks if it's like making dolls talks. Eric tells her that's a ventroloquist. The man asks her if she ever felt completely out of control, like things moving so fast that she felt helpless. If she wish she could control anything and control other people. Lauren seems to know what Eric is trying to say and tells him that he can't keep beating himself up and that he can make Kyle like him and make him be nice to Lauren. They have to make decisions for themselves. Eric says that Lauren deserves so much better. He says this is so mess up with the cops, the case workers, the letters and wish to be normal. Lauren tells him that nobody and that they all just different kinds of misfits trying to find their way. She thinks Eric is a pretty great guy and thinks that Eric keep acting like he's just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Eric is surprised that Lauren doesn't hate him and Lauren says that she likes him.

Kyle, with a bandage on his face, arrives from the operating room and asks what is this. Lauren tried to explain, but Kyle tells her to shut up, saying he spend the night at the hospital due to some injury and wakes up to find his girlfriend holdings hands with Eric. He took Lauren by the arm, dragging her out of the hospital. Eric tried to stop him, saying that Kyle doesn't deserve her. But Kyle dares him to say something to him. He also adds that Eric should give up and that he's worthless. Eric asks him about his letter and Kyle replies that he should forget it and that he's fired. Kyle and Lauren got out of the hospital. Eric is pretty upset.

Outside the hospital, Kyle says to Lauren that if she dates trashes, she'll become trash. Having enough, Lauren tells Kyle this is over between them. But Kyle says that only him can say when it is over while brutalizing her. Eric uses his powers to stop Kyle brutalizing Lauren, making his arms look up. Lauren took her chance to escape. Kyle tried to call Lauren's name, but to no avail. Eric goes to Kyle, make Kyle shut up and says that they need to talk.

Memorable Quotes

"Nobody's normal, Jason. We're all just different kinds of misfits trying to find our way.."

- Lauren

" I'm a puppeteer."

"What, like you make dolls talk?"

"No, that's a ventriloquist."

- Jason, Lauren

Character Appearances


  • The Nowhere Man series was included with the bonus features on the Season Three DVD.

See Also

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