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Webisode:The Recruit, Part 4

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The Recruit, Part 4
Day of Reckoning
Webisode number: 15
First released: January 5, 2009
The Recruit, Part 4 corrected.jpg
Story by: Jesse Alexander
Written by: Timm Keppler,
Jim Martin
Directed by: Rob Hardy
Previous Webisode: Hard Knox, Part 4
Previous Part: The Recruit, Part 3
Next Webisode: The Recruit, Part 5
Rachel faces her innermost fears--about who she really is.


  • While Carlos stands guard, Angela continues to question Rachel.
  • Angela asks about Rachel's mother's death and where Rachel was found after the Pinehearst incident.
  • Rachel relives escaping the Pinehearst lab, but denies she is special.



In the Tappen facility, Carlos stands guard while Angela continues to interrogate Rachel. She mentions her sons and then questions if Rachel is close to her mother. Rachel tells Angela that her mother committed suicide. Angela asks her if she's wondered why, and tells her that she must know already.

Angela then tells Rachel that she and Leona were friends as young girls and that she was there the day Leona discovered her ability. She tells Rachel that Leona was scared and didn't want to be different, so she killed herself instead of using her ability to save the world. Angela tells Rachel that it is hard to see the ones we love in the cold hard light of day. Angela tells Rachel she is stronger than her mother, and that she knows her.

Rachel begins to cry when Angela tells her that she went into the service to make her grandfather proud, and that she can stop fighting and claim her power. Rachel cries out that she is not special, but Angela disagrees.

Rachel then has a flashback from the lab; she bangs on a locked door as Angela narrates. Angela presses her to admit how she escaped as Rachel teleports through the door, out into the hall.

Back in the interrogation room, Rachel denies her ability and destiny, saying that is not who she is, but Angela says she does not believe her.

Memorable Quotes

"I have sons, handsome boys, and I love them with all of my heart. Are you close with your mother?"

"My mother killed herself."

- Angela, Rachel

"I know you. I know you went into the service to make your grandpa proud, and I know that you had to fight for every good thing that you ever had in your life. Well, you can stop fighting now. Claim your power now, Rachel. This is your day of reckoning."

"I'm not special!"

"So much you can do for this world if you just accept who you are."

- Angela, Rachel

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