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Webisode:The Recruit, Part 5

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The Recruit, Part 5
The Truth Within
Webisode number: 16
First released: January 12, 2009
The Recruit, Part 5.jpg
Story by: Jesse Alexander
Written by: Timm Keppler,
Jim Martin
Directed by: Rob Hardy
Previous Webisode: The Recruit, Part 4
Next Webisode: Nowhere Man, Part 1
Rachel is released, armed with a newfound power.


  • Angela releases Rachel, claiming to have given up.
  • Rachel retrieves the serum from its hiding place, but Angela is waiting to take it from her.
  • Angela contacts an old friend.



Angela re-enters the room where Rachel is being held, and gives Carlos a messaging device, saying that a man is on board and that they will continue as planned. Carlos and Angela then approach Rachel, who is still tied down to a chair next to a conference table. Angela tells Rachel that she underestimated her and is letting her go; and Carlos removes her IV, saying that the effects should wear off in a few hours. Angela then commends Rachel for being a fighter like her, but Rachel replies that she's nothing like her and just wants to leave. Angela says that there's a car waiting for her outside.

Later, Rachel parks next to a gas station restroom and heads inside. While staring at the mirror, Rachel recalls how at Pinehearst, she had taken the vial of serum out of the syringe she broke and hid it inside her shoulder wound. Back in the present, Rachel removes the serum from her wound and redresses the bandage using her shirt to tie it up.

Rachel then leaves the restroom and finds Angela and Carlos waiting for her on opposite sides of her car, blocking her escape. Rachel asks why Angela let her go if she knew Rachel had it all along, and Angela replies she wanted to give Rachel the opportunity to face herself and learn if she could be trusted. Rachel then says that she just wanted to find a cure, but Angela says that her ability is an integral part of her, like the loss of her mother. Rachel says that she hopes to see her again one day, and Angela says that will be up to God.

After giving Angela the serum, Rachel asks them what else they want and she says that they want to help her and Carlos places a covering over her head and drags her around the corner into the gas station's garage. Angela then pulls out her phone and makes a video call to Leona, saying "it's been a long time".

Memorable Quotes

"I commend you. You are a fighter. We are a rare breed."

"I'm not like you. I'm nothing like you. I just want to go home."

- Angela, Rachel

"This is why I never wanted a daughter. They're so much more complicated. You watch helplessly as the world slips in and turns all the sugar and spice into bitterness and deceit."

- Angela

"Hello, Leona. It's Angie Petrelli. It's been a long time."

- Angela

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