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West Rosen

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West Rosen
Portrayed by Nick D'Agosto
First appearance Four Months Later...
In-story stats
Known ability Flight
Home Costa Verde, CA;
formerly St. Louis, MO
Occupations Student, Rebel member
Significant other formerly Claire Bennet

West Rosen is a student at Costa Verde High School in California. He is also an evolved human with the ability to fly.

Character History

Four Months Later...

When Claire runs across the road to her new school, West's vehicle comes to a short stop, nearly hitting her. Later, in chemistry, Claire holds her hand over a Bunsen burner. Surprising Claire, West asks her if she has "a death wish." He introduces himself and asks her if she is a "robot" (one who does as he or she is told), or if she is an "alien" (one who does things one's own way). When the teacher asks a question, West observes that Claire had written down the correct answer but didn't raise her hand.

In the gymnasium, Claire is once again surprised by West, who picks up her badminton birdie. He calls her a "robot", claiming he knows one when he sees one, referring to her answer in class. West leaves the gym after Claire states that she cannot do a backtuck off of "the tower." A little while later, West returns to the gymnasium to find that Claire is still there, now on the ground. Looking up to the tower, he shows Claire a very curious expression.

That night, West hovers outside Claire's window, watching her while she talks to Nathan on the phone. He then flies off over the neighborhood into the dark sky without her noticing.

Graphic Novel:Flying Blind

West flies above Costa Verde one afternoon, sight-seeing and expanding on his "robot/alien" philosophy. The following morning, he returns to school, and says hi to Claire.


In class, West sits next to Claire and smiles as she asks questions regarding regeneration in lizards. After class, he asks Claire if she's interested in reading a book that has a chapter on regeneration. Claire tries to blow him off and leaves.

Later, West sees Claire cut off one of her toes and regenerate. When Mr. Muggles barks to alert his presence outside of the Butler home, he seemingly disappears, leaving a copy of Activating Evolution outside of her house.


West takes Claire on a flight over Costa Verde.

West harasses Claire about cutting off her toe to try to make her admit it. In class, he continues to try to get a rouse out of Claire. Claire walks out of the class, and West follows her out. Outside of class, Claire yells at West about wanting to stop being someone she isn't. West tells her to shut up, picks her up and flies away over Costa Verde. Later at the beach both are complimenting each other about their powers and trying to say the other is better. Then they both kiss. Claire then sees he has the mark on his right shoulder. West says he was living in St. Louis, riding on his bike when a man with horn rimmed glasses, (Noah), grabbed him. Claire smiles awkwardly.

The Kindness of Strangers

West sees Claire at her locker and talks about how he likes being himself around her. Claire tells him that they shouldn't hang out because of her parents being overprotective. When West asks if he can talk to her father, she tells him to let it go. West asks her on one date, and she accepts. Later, West meets Claire by her home, and the two fly away.

West and Claire sit on the Hollywood Sign, and Claire tells West about jumping off the gravel plant in Odessa. Claire tells West she can't tell him certain things, but West tells her that she can open up. He tells her that he shares her fears, and he can't help her if she doesn't trust him. Claire stands up on the sign and jumps off. West catches her, and tells her he doesn't want to see her get hurt. The two kiss over the LA lights.

Claire and West land, and Claire worries about the time. They try to think of an excuse, and as Claire leaves, she gives him a kiss.

The Line

After Claire is rejected from the cheerleading squad, West convinces her to humiliate head cheerleader Debbie Marshall with a prank. Claire talks to Debbie in private, trying to get another chance to try out for the cheerleading squad. West, wearing a mask, grabs Claire and flies upward, dropping and "killing" her. Debbie begins to run away as West flies towards her. Later, West talks to Claire and is chastised for convincing her to follow through with their stunt. May interrupts their conversation to tell Claire that she has a spot on the team, and West gives her a smile.

Out of Time

West wakes Claire up with a text message, offering her waffles for breakfast. Claire finds him in the kitchen with Sandra, making breakfast. They listen to music together on the couch.

When Noah returns home, West recognizes him and tries to escape with Claire. When Claire confesses that Noah is her father, West suspects a trap and flies away. Later that night, Claire tries to text message West but gets no reply.

Cautionary Tales

West is drawn to Claire's message of "I'm sorry" written in rocks on a field. Claire tries to convince him that she was not a spy working with her father. Unsure of whether or not Claire actually cares for him, West flies away to "sort things out." Noah shows Sandra a picture of West when he was nine.

West is attacked by Elle.

Later, Bennet leaves his home to find West only to be found by him. West grabs Noah and flies him to a high altitude, threatening to drop him. Noah says that Claire never mentioned him, convincing him to let Noah down. Noah quickly pins West's arm behind his back, ordering him to help Claire. When they meet with Mohinder and Elle, West flies into Elle, knocking her out and allowing them to capture her. He also stops Noah from shooting Mohinder. He brings Elle back to the "Butlers'" house.

Noah and West meet Bob and Mohinder at a beach to exchange Claire for Elle. As soon as they have Claire back, West tries to fly away with her, only to be shot down by Elle. He recovers enough to fly Claire away after Noah is shot.

Truth & Consequences

West visits Claire while she is going preparing to move. When Claire takes out her wind chime to contact the Haitian to have her memory erased, he convinces her that she shouldn't forget her father. Later, he accompanies Claire and her family on a beach as they say goodbye to Noah.


West arrives at Claire's house as she is packing the Primatech files to expose them. She tells him to start loading somes boxes into the car, but he says that he's not here to help her, but to stop her. He tells her that exposing them won't change anything and that he enjoys having his own secrets and how he loved to have someone he could confide in. Claire hands him his file and tells him that there is no "we" this way, and turns away. He walks out of her home and stares back at her for a moment before flying away.

Graphic Novel:Special

While in junior high school in St. Louis, West is abducted by Mr. Bennet and the Haitian. He wakes up in the Primatech building and manages to escape into a ventilation shaft with his newfound ability of flight. He spots Claire and she introduces herself, but the Haitian soon arrives and takes him away. Later, West is back at his school and has no memory of the day before, only a suspicious mark on his neck.

Graphic Novel:Scenic Route

West comes to Noah Bennet for help under orders from Rebel. He's surprised to see that Noah is alive, as the last time they met he saw Noah shot and killed, but he convinces Noah to help him save Alex Woolsly who is being chased by Danko's men. West flies in front of the helicopter, distracting it and ruining the bead they had on Alex, allowing him to escape in Noah's car. The three end up finding themselves blocked by a stalled truck and West says he can't carry both Noah and Alex, so Noah has Alex swim underwater to a nearby cave while West flies himself and Noah there. Once there, Noah leaves the two and tells them that they won't tell Claire about this encounter.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 3

While in downtown Los Angeles, West gets a call from Micah, asking him if he is ready to join the fight against the hunters. West decides that he is, and flies to Rebel's hideout. After arriving, Micah learns of a family under attack in London. West and Sparrow agree to help.

West and Sparrow arrive at the apartment to find Abigail fending off two agents. Sparrow tears the ground apart, killing the agents, but Abigail tells West that there are more upstairs. The three run upstairs to find Lee being taken away by agents when Claude appears before them and asks West to get Abigail to safety. West obliges, but the house is comimg down around them due to Sparrow, so Abigail creates a force field around them for protection.

Later, West stand in Washington, D.C. as part of Rebel.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

West and Abigail walk through Building 26 and the power goes out. West says that they have 30 seconds and Micah tells them his family is located in "Human Resources" as West and Abigail combine their powers to take out an agent. They pass Peter on the way to the room, where Abigail creates forcefields to keep the agents out. West frees Nana and asks where Monica is while he frees Damon. Nana replies that they were separated as Abigail's power begins to weaken. Abigail tells him that it is time to go and West shoots out a window. Sparrow arrives on a trail of dirt asking for good news. After West responds that Monica is elsewhere, all five of them ride away on Sparrow's dirt trail.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 5

Just as Eric Thompson is about to shoot Micah, West arrives at the scene with Abigail and Sparrow, and they proceed to use their abilities to thwart Thompson, until he eventually flees after Micah tells him he's on the country's top ten wanted lists.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 6

West travels to India along with Micah, Abigail and Sparrow to find Molly. They all go to the Pittsburgh train station and Molly says that Monica, Lee and Claude are in a train that will take off in six minutes. They all run to the train only to find an agent is gaurding the entrance. West gets rid of him so the others can get to the train. Then, West picks up Sparrow, only to discover that the train is leaving. West flies the two of them after it, realizing that something is wrong, otherwise Micah would've stopped the train by now. Sparrow tells West to drop her off in front off the train and fly away to a safer location.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 7

West regroups with the others, pointing out the agents on their way, which are taken care of by Sparrow. Once Molly tells Micah where Monica is, West offers to fly everyone, noting that it may take a few trips. Instead Sparrow takes everyone, following West. The team plus Lee land near the abandoned hospital and warehouse.

The team enters the hospital while Micah guides them from the warehouse. A guard tries to stop them, but West knocks him out and takes his gun. When they find a doctor performing tests on Monica, West pistol whips him, caught up in the moment. The alarm goes off and West suggests they leave. The team flees the hospital with Monica, their main mission finally completed.

Let It Bleed

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Heroes Evolutions

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Evolved Human Abilities

West possesses the power of flight. He has shown a high degree of control over his flight ability, varying his speed and altitude without visual cues. He maneuvers with sufficient skill to avoid overt detection from both individuals on the ground and in aircraft, despite flying in broad daylight. West claims to achieve stratospheric heights, well over 31,000 feet above the ground, without any ill effects beyond a chill from the lower temperature air. (Flying Blind)

Memorable Quotes

"See, I have this theory. Whether it's fate or choice, people break down into only two categories. You're either a robot, or an alien. My debate teacher would call that reductive. I call it a neat expression of a larger truth. Robots operate out of programs -- conventional logic. They follow the rules. Robots scan the world from side to side. Aliens are more... abstract thinkers. If they need to break a rule to keep their own paths, they do. Without fear. Aliens look down and up... when they choose to. I'm not condemning one or the other, but, I'd rather be alone than be surrounded by robots. And robots could never even see someone like me."

- West (Flying Blind)

"You can skydive without a parachute!"

"You can skydive without a plane!"

- West, Claire (Kindred)

"You're a total babe, and you have a power. By definition that makes you better than her."

"You're sweet."

- West, Claire (The Line)

"I know you can heal, Claire, but I never want to see you hurt!"

- West (The Kindness of Strangers)

"You know, last time I saw you, you were dead."

"Things change."

"I'm counting on it."

- West, Noah (Scenic Route)

"Princess is in another castle"

- West, (to Sparrow) (Rebellion, Part 4)



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