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iStory:Friend or Foe

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Friend or Foe

"Friend or Foe" is the first iStory volume.

First mentioned: November 8, 2008

The first iStory volume was called "Friend or Foe" and was released during the first half of Season Three of Heroes.

Heroes Evolutions

Friend or Foe Characters
A teenager struggling to control her own horrific ability.

Marie Dunn
The young director of Primatech Executive Service (PES)'s Operations Division, who has made her reputation through a record of brilliant, ruthless efficiency in the field.

Carla Klaus
The head of Pinehearst's Risk Analysis & Response Unit (RARU), which is first on the scene when things go wrong. Her legendary temper is matched only by her ingenuity and determination.

Tim Pope
The new director of PES's Command Division. He has promised to replace any remaining weak links and restore PES to its former glory.

Ricardo Silva
An escaped Primatech prisoner with a beef against the Kill Squad. He has the ability to amp up another person's most primal aggressive instincts.

Aaron Taylor
The head of Pinehearst's Experimental Applications & Assessment Division (EAAD) oversees a vast network of shadowy research and development initiatives.

Priscilla Van Cleef
Pinehearst's kindly matron. She is the chair of Pinehearst's Strategic Human Initiatives Committee (SHIC) with a sphere of influence that extends far beyond the Pinehearst Research Group.

Jeremy Woo
The hard-driving, obsessive director of PES's Intelligence Division. He is feared and respected by his agents and contractors and even his superiors.

In this iStory volume, each user is able to begin a mission contract with either Pinehearst Research Group or Primatech Executive Services. Each week of story contains two chapters, a single chapter for both the Pinehearst and Primatech sides. Participants of this volume can play one side or the other or both. The missions are entirely text based with a button to choose an action at the bottom of each scene. Occasionally, related video segments to watch off the NBC site are included as part of the story. Interactive applications to reveal clues are also sometimes employed. If a person chooses the wrong action and dies or gets captured, that person is returned to the beginning of the story and can begin again. Although no registration is required to participate, an e-mail was sent out to current Evolutions players on October 31, 2008, informing them of the upcoming game:

Subject: New Chapter in Heroes Evolutions

Dear Heroes Evolutions Fan,

We're pleased to give you advance notice of a new chapter in Heroes Evolutions, to be formally announced next week. While many of the characters will be familiar to you from the show and Evolutions, the game format will be something new and fun. It's time for you to step out of the shadows and take your place in the Heroes Universe!

You can expect to be contacted about twice a week as part of the game. Feel free to update your contact preferences at any time:

Operation Splinter was the iStory for users choosing a Primatech Executive Services contract.

Operation Bad Blood was the iStory for users choosing a Pinehearst Research Group contract.


Operation Splinter Operation Bad Blood
Chapter 101 Chapter 201
Chapter 102 Chapter 202
Chapter 103 Chapter 203
Chapter 104 Chapter 204
Chapter 105 Chapter 205
  Chapter 106

Operation Splinter

Primatech Chapter 1
Release Date: 8 November 2008
Primatech has formed a group of their agents into Task Force KS6, and assigned them to eliminate the Kill Squad. They were planning to use the Kill Squad's attack on Elle Bishop to capture them when an unidentified third party interfered. The player is hired by Primatech as an outside contractor on a mission to investigate what had actually happened so their task force can put the Kill Squad out of commission once and for all. The player reports to Jeremy Woo in Chadspear, and is sent on quests for clues that land the player at the Primatech safe house used by the Kill Squad to plan Elle's capture.
Primatech Chapter 2
Release Date: 19 November 2008
The Primatech contracted player is sent to a secret Primatech detention center to uncover clues in the recent escape of the prisoner Ricardo Silva (codenamed Red Eye), who was being held there. After finishing the assignment, the player is sent to check out the apartment building where Ricardo used to live.
Primatech Chapter 3
Release Date: 26 November 2008
Having spotted Red Eye fleeing his former apartment building, the Primatech contractor embarks on a car chase into the heart of New York City. The player is assigned to stop Red Eye before he can interfere with their capture of the Kill Squad near Maya Herrera's apartment building. Despite the player's best attempts, Red Eye escapes capture along with the Kill Squad leaders.
Primatech Chapter 4
Release Date: 3 December 2008
After witnessing part of Primatech's questioning of Anna, a girl found fleeing the scene with a suspected Kill Squad member, the Primatech contracted player is sent to finish investigating Ricardo Silva's former apartment. Upon arriving, the player is unknowningly assisted by a mysterious ally to find the truth about Red Eye.
Primatech Chapter 5
Release Date: 10 December 2008
The player accompanies a convoy of Primatech agents to Alaska in search of the Kill Squad's headquarters there. Once arriving, the player searches for clues with Jeremy Woo until the headquarters are found and the player comes face to face with a former foe.
Primatech Chapter 6
Release Date: 17 December 2008
The Pinehearst contracted player leads the Primatech contractor to a dam outside the town of Rowland, Alaska. Red Eye and Anna having already entered the structure, both contractors must work together to somehow stop the Kill Squad from blowing up the dam and wiping out their bosses. At the same time, they need to save Anna and the dam's maintenance workers, and keep themselves well enough to continue chasing the Kill Squad's leaders.

Operation Bad Blood

Pinehearst Chapter 1
Release Date: 8 November 2008
After blocking the Kill Squad's attack on Elle Bishop, Pinehearst tracks an injured squad member to an underground medical facility. Meeting with Professor Priscilla Van Cleef in her office at the University of England, the player is contracted by Pinehearst to go uncover to the facility and infiltrate the Kill Squad to gather intel about their resources and plans. The contracted player meets with the Kill Squad member and completes assignments to gather a video file from a Primatech warehouse and get rid of evidence left at a Primatech safe house.
Pinehearst Chapter 2
Release Date: 19 November 2008
While meeting again with the Kill Squad contact, Lloyd Collins, in New York City, the Pinehearst contractor is asked back to headquarters to investigate a recent break-in by the former Primatech prisoner that was on the video file obtained earlier. After learning about a teenage girl named Anna that is now missing, and to talking to witnesses and Mohinder Suresh, the player is summoned to meet the rest of the Kill Squad and be welcomed as a squad member by Sean Fallon.
Pinehearst Chapter 3
Release Date: 26 November 2008
The undercover Pinehearst contractor accompanies the Kill Squad to outside Maya Herrera's apartment building and is assigned to plant bombs in Maya's apartment. After breaking in, the player comes face to face with Anna and Red Eye around the time of the Eclipse. After subduing Red Eye, the player leaves with Anna out the back stairwell and they are both captured by Primatech.
Pinehearst Chapter 4
Release Date: 3 December 2008
While in a Primatech detention facility, Angela Petrelli gives the Pinehearst player an out--find out what Anna knows and she promises to release them both. After the player tricks Anna into revealing Red Eye's plan, Angela gives the player a limo ride back to the player's car and informs the player about the future.
Pinehearst Chapter 5
Release Date: 10 December 2008
The Pinehearst contractor reports back to headquarters to find out that the mission is being canceled so that Pinehearst can focus on training its new recruits. However, when the player receives new intel from Lloyd about the Kill Squad's operation in Alaska, Priscilla is convinced to authorize a mission there to crush the Kill Squad threat. Upon arrival, the player and Carla Klaus survey the town and the player ends up face to face with a former foe.


IC Messages

The following is an archive of the in-character/game emails and text messages sent to players about "Friend or Foe".

Date Via Text Via Email
November 19, 2008 Subject: Contractor Opportunities


Thank you for submitting your request for contract work from the Pinehearst Research Group. After review, we believe you are an ideal candidate for this position and would like you to begin work immediately. Please visit our contractor launch page, where you will be introduced to your contacts and given an overview of upcoming projects:

December 3, 2008 In response to your inquiry: Anna has been taken to FOC 06 for interrogation. Feel free to join us. -–Jeremy Woo
December 8, 2008 Subject: Agents Named "Eric"

Hello, thank you for contacting the Primatech Executive Services Records Division. I'm afraid that your authorization level as a contractor only permits me to answer your questions with the following information:

No, there were no active Primatech Paper representatives named "Eric" in the area and during the time that you described.

Any additional requests will need to be made using Form 166-OE and submitted through your designated PES contract supervisor for authorization.

Thanks again and have a great day.


December 11, 2008 Please cease all activities related to Operation Bad Blood and report for new orders. -–Priscilla Van Cleef
Subject: by the way

It's Jeremy Woo. Please be advised, some weather updates in Alaska. Pack smart.

December 18, 2008 Subject: from priscilla

All contractors, situa. compromised, evade –

OOC Messages

The following is an archive of the out-of-character/game emails and text messages sent to players about "Friend or Foe".

Date Via Text Via Email
December 8, 2008 Discuss "Friend Or Foe" iStories at
December 18, 2008 Finale of the Red Eye/Kill iStory airs this week. Catch up at
December 19, 2008 The Red Eye iStory finale had 14 unique endings. How many did you find? Discuss at 9th Wonders under "Friend Or Foe" Subject: iStory Announcements

Now airing! "Heroes: The Recruit" a new webisode series starring Rachel Mills, a young Marine with a secret.

Watch The Recruit

The official ending of the Red Eye/Kill Squad iStory will air in Heroes Graphic Novels #117-#118 (December 22-December 29).

The next iStory will be announced next week. Expect to meet a recent new friend. Watch for updates.


  • The first chapters of iStory "Friend or Foe" were released on Saturday, November 8, 2008.
  • In "Friend or Foe", there are two separate and sequential storylines for two different players: one storyline, Operation Bad Blood, is for a player that takes a contract with Pinehearst Research Group, and the other storyline, Operation Splinter, is for a player that takes a contract with Primatech Executive Services.
  • With the email sent out December 8, 2008, the sender was no longer wireless@samantha48616e61. The emails then came from though changed December 18, 2008, to be coming from Pinehearst Research.
  • Operation Splinter shares the same final sixth chapter as Operation Bad Blood since the Pinehearst and Primatech contractors are working together. The last chapter is numbered as 106 (in the 100's like the other Operation Splinter chapters), but the player plays only as the Pinehearst contracted player.

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