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{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
|width="200px"| Option 1 (optimal case):<br />Warn the maintenance workers,<br />enlist Red Eye's help,<br />sneak to the bombs,<br />disarm the bombs despite the sniper fire
!width="200px"| Option
!width="600px"| Summary
| Option 1 (optimal case):<br />Warn the maintenance workers,<br />enlist Red Eye's help,<br />sneak to the bombs,<br />disarm the bombs despite the sniper fire
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{|class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" width="100%"
! click "show" to view summary
! click "show" to view summary

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According to an e-mail sent to Heroes Evolutions participants, there are 14 possible outcomes. This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 6 of Operation Splinter.

All cases

After 10 minutes, the Primatech contractor and the Pinehearst contracted player reach a small control shed at the end of the dam just outside town that was in Aaron's photo. In the shed, there are four closed-circuit camera displays: The first display, labeled "Generator Room", shows inside the dam where water roars through conduits and spinning machinery. Red Eye and Anna are there arguing. The next one, labeled "Maintenance Chamber", depicts a large, dark room next door to the first. A group of dam workers are hiding in the chamber, armed with pipes and tools. The third one, labeled "Upper Deck", shows the top of the dam, where a dozen Kill Squad soldiers are patrolling and a truck waits at the far end of the dam. And the fourth display, noted as "Water intake", shows a row of giant grills in the water on the back side of the dam, just below the upper deck. The lake next to the back side is mostly covered by ice, but in the open patches around the grills, four men in wetsuits are tying high explosives to the water intake.

The Primatech contractor tells the player about the potential ways things could go wrong: the workers jumping Red Eye and Anna, Red Eye jumping the soldiers or the bomb not getting defused. The player then asks if pessimism is a Primatech job requirement, and the Primatech contractor replies that it's more like an occupational hazard. The Primatech contractor lets the player choose their path.

Option Summary
Option 1 (optimal case):
Warn the maintenance workers,
enlist Red Eye's help,
sneak to the bombs,
disarm the bombs despite the sniper fire
Option 2 (canon case 1):
Head to the water intake,
wait for the squad to leave,
defuse some of the bombs,
get Red Eye's help
Option 3 (canon case 2):
Head to the water intake,
attack the squad in the water,
surrender but inform the squad about Red Eye and Anna


  • Option 1 is the optimal/successful case since the primary objectives of Anna being rescued, the dam being saved, and both contractors staying unharmed are completed.
  • Options 2 and 3 are canon cases since in those cases, the Kill Squad gets away with Red Eye and Anna. The official ending, Graphic Novels #117-118, picks up with the Kill Squad holding Red Eye and Anna prisoner in the woods, and the squad torturing Red Eye.
  • A table of the various options and their outcomes is listed below for reference:
Table of Options and their Outcomes
Option Anna rescued? Dam saved? Contractors unharmed? Outcome link
Option 1 Y Y Y link
Option 2 N Unknown Y link
Option 3 N N Y link