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iStory:The Agent/chapter 406 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 6 of The Agent.

All cases (I)

Shortly after Howie Kaplan's escape, Jason Pierce recalls having been Rachel Mills's partner for a few weeks. He notes that he hates the "mutants", that for him it is about fear, but that for Rachel it is the real thing. Jason notes to himself that seeing the look on Rachel's face when he found her on the floor the first time they met, he began seeing their mission as a war. He continues that he heard Rachel sleep-talking through motel room walls and while she napped on surveillance, and she whispered the names Leona, Angela, and Grandpa. Jason adds that he has seen soldiers broken by combat, but for Rachel, it appeared to him that war was all she knew and that she needed a friend.

Next, Jason recalls how Rachel risked everything to go after Claire Bennet, noting to himself that he would have followed Rachel anywhere and that is what makes today so hard. He is riding with Rachel down the highway in a rented car, the same evening as Howie Kaplan's escape. Rachel keeps quiet as she drives, not noticing as Jason glances at her. As they pass around the next curve in the road, Jason notices a motorcycle following them and getting closer.

Options (I)

The player is then given the option to choose Jason's next action.

All cases (II)

The next morning, Rachel awakens in an abandoned hunting cabin where she has spent the night with the girl that helped her. Jason's death is on Rachel's mind as she sits down at the cabin's dusty table. She recalls shooting Jason, and how he was so confident she wouldn't shoot even when she told him she would. She tries to rationalize the death since he tried to take her in, but begins wondering how could she be this way and him not see it.

The girl then interrupts Rachel's thoughts, asking if Rachel knew "him" a long time from her bunk. Rachel replies, asking whom the girl is referring to, and then lowers her face into her hands and begins crying. The girl responds that it is okay, and that this is the worst part. The girl continues that this is the transition, when Rachel becomes who she is in her head, and when others know who she is without her being scared.

Rachel then thinks that the U.S. government must want her for killing her partner, and realizes the only reason she is alive is because of this teenager she just met. Feeling relieved, she thanks the girl for being there to help her, and the girl replies that it is not a problem and begins recalling to Rachel a time when Claire told her something. Rachel interrupts the girl, saying that she has history with Claire. The girl responds that she knows about that, and Rachel notes that the girl knows a lot but she doesn't know the girl's name.

The girl says she didn't think Rachel would ever ask, and comments that they knew she would come around. Rachel then asks whom she is referring to, but the girl says she can't talk about that because that is how they got in trouble with Howie. The girl adds that Rachel really saved them when she helped Howie escape.

Next, the girl joins Rachel at the cabin's table and asks if she has heard about LAWR. Rachel replies that the government picked up some chatter about it, and the girl explains that she is the A in LAWR and that her name is Anna. The girl adds that she helps Ellen, but can't talk about that part. She then tells Rachel that Rachel has to go back to her organization, and Rachel responds if Anna is kidding. Anna says that REBEL told her that they need Rachel there now since things are so dangerous. Rachel then says that they could kill her on sight, and Anna says she is sorry but doesn't think Rebel would ask if it wasn't safe. Rachel thinks Anna's comment sounded almost like a question, but doesn't reply. Then, Anna says that she has a big test tonight she has to get to and Rachel agrees to leave with her.

Before they leave, Anna notes that Jason's sister, Janey, works for a special U.S. Army unit that plays dirty, and that REBEL thinks she might hunt for her brother's killer. Rachel replies that it will be okay, and jokes that she hasn't met an Army girl that could arm-wrestle. Then, Rachel says for them to get Anna to her test.

Coming Soon

How much does Building 26 know? Rachel's world has been turned on its head, but how much has she really changed?...

Building 26 identifies the hideout for an entire group of specials. A swarm of agents descend on the location...

REBEL asked Evs Dropper's old allies to help him contact fugitives with the pass-phrase "Viva la libertad -- A Friend." The first wave of responses has arrived, but not all the "fugitives" are who they claim to be...


  • The optimal path is following what actually happens, which in chapter 7 of The Agent is confirmed to be an option where Rachel shoots Jason in the restaurant. Options and 1A.2A and 1B.1 correspond to this, though Option 1A.2A appears to be optimal since it allows Jason to check out the rider and in all other respects is the same.
  • The final page of this chapter again has a flash image of Rachel's desk. However, in this chapter, several pill bottles are now sitting on Rachel's desk under a pen. One of the bottles is opened on its side with some unknown pills spilling out of it and onto the desk.
  • As in the third chapter of The Agent, this chapter again has backgrounds containing several items colored inside a circle of the same single color. It is unknown whether these items have any significance to the story. The items include a yellow exclamation mark, a set of blue notes, a red-colored brain, and a green-colored fist.


  • This is the first chapter of The Agent identifiably told through another perspective besides that of Rachel Mills.
  • In the original version of chapter 406, released March 17, 2009, the chapter ended with Rachel shooting Jason and an unidentified girl arriving at the scene, and then the following prompt:

Who is Rachel's mysterious savior? How much does Building 26 know? Where will she go next?...

Rachel learns her first clue about "LAWR"...

Rachel and her new ally discuss a deadly new foe...

REBEL asked Evs Dropper's old allies to help him contact fugitives with the pass-phrase "Viva la libertad -- A Friend." The first wave of responses arrives, but not all the "fugitives" are who they claim to be...

  • On Friday, March 20, 2009, the prompt was removed and chapter 406 continued with Rachel discovering the identity of her savior.

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