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iStory:The Puppet Master/chapter summaries

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The Puppet Master/chapter summaries
The Puppet Master is the seventh iStory volume.

First mentioned: December 7, 2009

The following is a list of chapters of the The Puppet Master volume of the iStory, with summaries and appearances noted. The summaries below are for each chapter, and explain what must happen in order for the reader to complete the story successfully.

Chapter 801

Chapter 801: Seemingly Normal (released 12/7/2009)

Thanks to Rebel and Claire, Eric Doyle, a.k.a. Jason Tyminski has settled into his new, "normal" life, working in an office and making new friends. So how did he wind up joining The Sullivan Brothers Carnival?

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 802

Chapter 802: Carnies (released 12/14/2009)

Lauren invited Doyle (aka Jason) to go on a date with her to The Sullivan Brothers Carnival. Once there, it won't be long before Doyle realizes just what secrets these carnies are hiding but will Lauren realize it? Or remain peacefully oblivious?

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 803

Chapter 803: Revealed (released 12/21/2009)

After unsuspectingly finding himself at a carnival filled with people with abilities, Doyle found himself in an awkward situation as he tried to protect Lauren and still keep his power a secret. Doyle's actions caught the eye of Samuel Sullivan. Now he must decide what to tell Lauren in the wake of their visit to the carnival...

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 804

Chapter 804: Accepting change (released 12/29/2009)

Fanning the flames of burgeoning romance, Eric Doyle revealed his power to Lauren, which only served to scare her off. While joining the Carnival may be Doyle's only shot at finding a home where he can be truly happy, he's not ready to give up on Lauren...

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