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First mentioned: March 6, 2007
link is the real-life website for the fictional research of Drs. Mohinder and Chandra Suresh.

About is a site dedicated to the research of the late Chandra Suresh and maintained by his son Mohinder. It details some of his father's research into evolved humans. It is named for Chandra's book, Activating Evolution.

Heroes Evolutions

The Message, part 1

On March 6, 2007, ARG players received the following email from Hana Gitelman:

From: Primatech Paper <>
Subject: The Science Behind It?

Now that we know Primatech wasn’t giving us our abilities, I found a great place to gather the scientific theories behind what is really happening to us.

It was started by another seeking answers to our most important question.

Check it out here:

Meanwhile, I just got another potentially huge lead. Looks like we have gained a new ally. Learn more about that here.

The Site

The site is composed of seven main sections:

  • The Main page features a section about Mohinder's deceased sister Shanti, and a section about Takezo Kensei that links to There is also a section dedicated to the late Dr. Chandra Suresh from his son Mohinder, containing information about the book Activating Evolution, as well as a link to read the introduction to the book. Mohinder also updates the main page as a kind of blog. After Mohinder escaped from Sylar, Mohinder posted that he was safe and thanked people for their concern, and he chastised those who vandalized the theories pages. In September 2007, another post was added to the main page where Mohinder mentions he has heard the name Takezo Kensei a lot recently, and posts a link to the video events page of On September 19, 2007, Mohinder posted information about his sister, Shanti, with a link to the interviews section.
  • The Dream Study page invites users to submit their dreams for a future analysis. It also includes a section about the various stages of sleep.
  • The Theories page consists of a wiki where fans can collaborate on theories about evolved humans and powers, and anything else related to Chandra's research.
  • The Resources & Interviews page contains a biography and picture for Dr. Joseph Cadden, Medical Director of the Rand Schrader HIV Clinic at USC; Dr. Wayne Grody, a real-life genetics professor; Kerstin Piccolo, a research associate who supposedly works for a southern California biotech company; and Dr. Ramani Durvasula an Associate Professor of Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles. It also contains links to interviews with Dr. Mascola, Dr. Oiulfstad, Dr. Cadden, Ms. Piccolo, and Dr. Grody.
    • Dr. Mascola's and Dr. Oiulfstad's interviews, conducted by Mohinder, explain more about epidemiology, disease prevention, and public health.
    • Dr. Cadden's interviews, which Chandra performed to learn more about the Shanti virus, cover the definition of the term "virus", how certain viruses attack only particular kinds of cells, and the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic.
    • Ms. Piccolo's interviews cover the definition of selective enhancement and how biologists are able to selectively enhance plants by altering their genes with a virus.
    • Dr. Grody's interviews cover the mapping of the Human Genome and the potential use of gene mapping for gene modification improvements in areas such as regeneration and strength.
  • The Mailbag page contains letters sent to Mohinder about topics discussed on the site.
  • The Journal Entries page contains journal entries from Mohinder Suresh discussing his latest discoveries.
  • Finally, the List page explains that the list has been removed "for security reasons".

The Message, part 2

On March 26, 2007, ARG players received the following email from Hana Gitelman:

From: Primatech Paper <>
Subject: New Video, etc:

Looks like a new video has gone up @ of a scientist who plucks favorable genes from one plant species and inserts them into another. I've heard rumors of "specials" with similar powers (only they don't need a lab).

Posted some new Bennet voicemails at too.


Ps. The mysterious file HRG led me to is very revealing. We're on to something big.

Dream Study

On January 7, 2008, Hana sent messages to her contacts inviting them to give accounts of unusual dreams and nightmares to On the Dream Study page there is a quote by Mohinder Suresh and an introduction by Sapan Gowda. Fans may submit their dreams on the Submit Dreams page. On February 20, 2008, the Dream Submission page was established, and several fan dream submission were posted, most notably a submission from Ryan C. On March 13, 2008, Video interviews with Dr. Wayne Grody on the subjects of sleep and dreams were added to the resources page.

Journal Entries

On October 26, 2008, Mohinder updated his site with the following information on his journal entries:

I've been making some startling breakthroughs in my research and I'd like to share them with everyone. If you have read my father's book or been following his research, they should be of considerable interest to you. I hope they will help in our attempt to continue to understand more about human evolution. You can read my latest entries here.

Mohinder Suresh

Entry #1

On October 26, 2008, Mohinder wrote:

The paradigm shift I once talked about in regard to my late father's research and life's work is no longer a hope or recurring dream. I believe I have found the solution to one of the mysteries my father was never able to answer in his studies on DNA and protein syntheses. I have managed to isolate the precise genetic sequences that exist within people with abilities. Contrary to my father's belief, these abilities do not originate in the blood; in fact they are produced from the adrenal glands. For the first time, I can confidently say that I am moments away from finding a cure for Maya, and I've yet to determine what else. I may actually be able to give abilities to anyone, maybe even myself.

Entry #2

On October 26, 2008, Mohinder wrote:

It's been only four hours since I injected myself with the serum and I am eager to see what other abilities will manifest. What I did to those men…it was so unexpected, but it…it felt good, like nothing I've ever felt before. I know I'm changing, I'm just uncertain of what I may become.

Entry #5

On October 27, 2008, Mohinder wrote:

My increased adrenaline has jump started my metabolism. My appetite is virtually insatiable. It is said that a butterfly can store twelve times its body weight before metamorphosis. At the rate I'm going I may have wings by this time next week.

Entry #6

On October 27, 2008, Mohinder wrote:

I woke up this morning full of energy. I've never felt so alive. I can hear clearer, see further, and even process information faster. It's truly incredible, beyond my wildest dreams, even. Everyone should have access to powers like these. I finally feel as though I can truly help people. The possibilities are infinite. If only my father were still alive to witness this discovery.

Entry #8

On October 27, 2008, Mohinder wrote:

My DNA is recombining into something new. The RNA transcriptase enzyme is rewriting the code, my future may never be the same, but I can honestly say that I'm relishing every minute of this. My DNA fingerprint is causing my dormant traits to surface and take over. I feel like I'm capable of anything - a new man.

Entry #9

On October 27, 2008, Mohinder wrote:

I'm a bit frightened. Strange things are happening to me. I'm dehydrated, my skin appears to be peeling and I have strange growth occurring on my upper back with slight bleeding and scarring. It seems my transformation is actually having a physical affect on me as well. Hopefully this is all just a passing phase…

Entry #11

On October 27, 2008, Mohinder wrote:

Three days after injecting the genetic modification formula. My reflexes are sharper, my strength…off the charts. It's a dream come true. Who among us hasn't wished for strength? To fly? And now – it's all possible!

Entry #12

On October 27, 2008, Mohinder wrote:

There are a few adverse reactions. The one exception being an unusual rash. A byproduct of the formula? An allergy?

Entry #13

On October 27, 2008, Mohinder wrote:

The rash is spreading. I don't know what it is – or its connection to my…aggression. The formula is transforming me and I fear… I fear what I am becoming --

Entry #16

On October 27, 2008, Mohinder wrote:

I cannot reverse the process – cannot remove the ability. Not from Maya. Not from myself. It's part of me now.

Entry #19

On October 27, 2008, Mohinder wrote:

Journal entry nineteen. I've been monitoring my vitals for the past 48 hours since discovering my rash and the adverse side effects don't appear to be ceasing; if anything, they're getting worse. What's happening to me? What I thought was a blessing, something to be granted to all, is nothing more than a curse -- my curse. What have I done...

Mail Bag

On March 14, 2009, in conjunction with a new text message sent by Rebel, the mail bag was updated with an anonymous message:

Mohinder, if you are alive, we need help. It has to do with your research, but I can't say more, as we are in grave danger. If the phrase "Libertad" means anything to you, please pass this message along. He will know what it means.

"But something may be done that we will not:"

Tell him that we're waiting in the forest in the air until it happens.


On March 14, 2009, a new user named Libertad also left a message on the User:Libertad user page:

Listen i have a message from Rebel contact me if you find this only then will i give you information until the agen-BREAK_CHAR_LIM INTRCPT_ENDS

The same day, Rebel announces this contact by text message.


  • Dr. Wayne Grody, who is interviewed at Mohinder's site, is a real person. Some of Wayne's credits can be found at Yahoo TV or imdb, while more about him can be found here and here.
  • Dr. Laurene Mascola and Dr. Brit Oiulfstad are also both real people. They both work for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.
  • The website is published using MediaWiki software, but has no administrators. Anyone can become a user and edit any page of the site. The theories pages have been heavily vandalized since the site was launched. At one point, the message on the Main Page of the wiki referred to Mohinder's capture by Sylar by concluding "Thanks. I look forward to communicating with you, and I hope I get down from here soon."


  • Dr. Grody has published with co-authors named "Iyer" and "Nakamura".

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