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Lila Mae's

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Lila Mae's
Coyote Sands Cafe.JPG
Nathan and Peter stay in the café.
Location: Arizona
Purpose: Diner

Lila Mae's is the diner outside of Coyote Sands that Charles, Bob, Linderman, and Angela sneaked out to in 1961.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors



Peter Petrelli goes to the cafe after arguing with his mother. Nathan follows him there and orders a cup of coffee as they discuss the problems in their family. They leave when the television announces a storm at Coyote Sands.

In 1961, Angela Shaw, Charles Deveaux, Bobby Bishop and Linderman escape from Coyote Sands into the cafe. Angela uses the phone to call the police, and Charles then dances with her on the dance floor. The chef tells them interracial dancing isn't allowed, but Charles suggests them to forget about it. The group leaves when the radio announces a severe storm.

Later that same day, the trio of boys and Angela regroup at the cafe after the massacre at the encampment. They form The Company based on Angela's dream.

In the present, Angela, Nathan, Peter, Noah and Claire eat lunch at the cafe. While discussing forming another company, Sylar appears on the television disguised as Nathan.

I Am Sylar

Angela, Nathan, Peter, Noah and Claire Bennet eat lunch at the cafe. While discussing forming another company, Sylar appears on the television disguised as Nathan. Nathan flies off to stop him from meeting the President; Peter chases after.

Graphic Novel:One Good Hero

Peter takes off in front of Lila Mae's, chasing after Nathan.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 2

In May 1961, an amnesic Arnold, who assumed the alias of Ernie Crum, works as a chef in the diner. Adam Monroe greets him and asks if he remembered anything, and Ernie remarks on the recent storm. He notices tears in Adam's uniform and asks what happened. Adam just says goodbye and heads off.


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