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Dr. Lopez

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Dr. Lopez
Dr. Lopez.jpg
Portrayed by Tammy Isbell
First appearance The Needs of the Many
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Dr. K. Lopez
Occupation Doctor

Dr. K. Lopez is the doctor who operates on Anne Clark.

Character History

The Needs of the Many

After Tommy teleports his mother to the hospital, Dr. Lopez finds her. Tommy eventually shows up himself and Dr. Lopez updates him on his mother's condition including her need for a blood transfusion. After Tommy agrees to be tested for a transfusion, Dr. Lopez performs the test while they stare at a nearby aurora. When the test comes back, Dr. Lopez tells Tommy he's not a match though that's not unusual and tells him that she can call for blood from the nearest blood bank but it will take at least six hours to get there. Based on his test results, Dr. Lopez questions him about whether or not he's hiding something.

After Tommy returns with the needed blood, Dr. Lopez has a nurse set up the transfusion and tells him that he has to run. She explains that his blood went into a federal database and the authorities now know what he is. Dr. Lopez promises to take care of Tommy's mother, but warns he has to run right away. With no other choice, Tommy follows her instructions.

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