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EPIC scan.png

First mentioned: Odessa
Owned by: Renautas
Current status: Global scan offline; local scan remains online

E.P.I.C is a system designed to track evolved humans that is based on tapping into the abilities of the late Molly Walker. Since Molly's suicide, the system is still able to function at a close range to detect evos within 100 feet, but the system is no longer able to locate evos around the world.


Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Project EPIC is one of the folders listed on the root directory at Renautas.


When Noah questions the dying Agent Stevens, he is told that Renautas has figured out how to monetize evos to "save the world" and Noah realizes Molly Walker can find them. Noah asks if Renautas has Molly in Midian, Colorado, but Stevens just tells him that the "E.P.I.C system goes online tomorrow" and that they can't use the system without Molly. Stevens then dies before he can explain more.

Emerging from the Primatech ruins, Noah tells Quentin Frady that Renautas is using powers to create new technologies and that Molly's power drives a new system called E.P.I.C. As a result, they have to get to Midian and save Molly.

Under the Mask

Erica Kravid discusses E.P.I.C with the Renautas board in Yamagato Tower. One of the board tells her that while they can make any modifications she needs, E.P.I.C won't work properly without its missing piece. Erica assures the man that they have recovered the missing piece and E.P.I.C's processor will be ready to go online the next day.

After briefly being rescued by Noah Bennet and Quentin Frady, Molly is tied into a chair and hooked up to a cable. At the same time, Erica brings online E.P.I.C, an evo tracking system utilizing Molly's powers to track evos across the world. Erica tells her audience that with their processor, they can remote view any hostile evo in the world, not just those in proximity to people with the E.P.I.C glasses and demonstrates the power of E.P.I.C by identifying Myles Stevens, a man in the room, as an evo. Erica announces that with E.P.I.C they can track any evo anywhere at anytime they wish. Erica informs her audience that first responders and select military personnel are now using E.P.I.C worldwide to track down evos. Quentin tells Noah that E.P.I.C will allow Renautas to hunt down every evo in the world and tells him to imagine what Renautas could do with the powers of all those evos if they could make E.P.I.C out of Molly Walker's power alone. Noah tells Quentin they must rescue Molly and destroy E.P.I.C.

In the Arctic Circle, Harris leads a team using E.P.I.C glasses to track down Malina. Harris announces that they are getting a strong reading from the glasses and he and his team begin using E.P.I.C to hunt down Malina.

The Needs of the Many

Noah and Quentin look for a way into Renautas' research lab to shut E.P.I.C down. Quentin points out that it won't be easy to get in, but Noah tells him they don't have a choice as with E.P.I.C online, no one is safe. Renautas creating E.P.I.C from Molly's power worries Quentin what Renautas may be doing with his missing sister and her power.

After reaching Molly with help from Taylor Kravid, Noah looks for a way to unplug her from E.P.I.C but Molly tells him there is no off-switch on the machine. Molly takes Noah's gun and tells him several things, including that she can't stop Erica Kravid but won't help her kill seven billion people. Molly then kills herself with Noah's gun, disconnecting E.P.I.C from her power.

Harris later informs Erica of Molly's suicide. Erica asks Harris about E.P.I.C and he tells her that even with Molly's death, local tracking still functioned properly as long as the person with E.P.I.C was within one hundred feet of an evo, the evo would still register on the device. Harris confirms however that without Molly, E.P.I.C's remote tracking system no longer worked. Erica begged him to at least tell her that they found "her" before Molly died, but they hadn't. Erica is enraged, but Harris tells her that before global tracking went down, the picked up a signal in Canada that showed some potential. Erica told Harris he had to "find that child and kill it" and as there was too much at stake, sent the Shadow on the mission with him and his team to the location E.P.I.C gave.

The Lion's Den

In St. Pierre, Canada, Harris tracks Farah Nazan's movements using a pair of E.P.I.C goggles. When he confronts her and she turns invisible, Harris shoots between her feet to show her that he knows where she is.

At a police station in Los Angeles, officers Murphy and Evans both receive a pair of E.P.I.C goggles. When Captain Dearing walks past, they ask him if it's true that the E.P.I.C goggles can really detect evos. When they put on the goggles, the two officers see that Dearing is an evo, and tranquilize him.

Send in the Clones

A Harris clone uses a pair of E.P.I.C goggles to try to locate Malina. The goggles eventually find two unregistered evos, Malina and Luke Collins, allowing two Harris clones, Quentin, and Phoebe Frady to ambush them.


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