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Primatech portal.JPG is a fan-created parody site. The domain was registered on the day of the first mention of Primatech Paper in the episode Seven Minutes to Midnight. The site features two "zones", the initial one being the Primatech Paper front website, with a company blog, description of its products and even drawings from children. The Restricted Area (beyond the login) contains The List with some humorous details in character biographies. It also contains a forum.

Heroes 361

Access to the restricted area reveals Operation: 361. It claims to be one better than Heroes 360.

The first step of Heroes 361 involved sending out a "firewall" to Hana Gitelman's email address in an effort to stop her. Users who find the right email receive a response from Hana inviting them to join her against Primatech.

Although not an official part of Heroes 361, Mr. Bennet called for the fans to print out the logo with the words, "Long Live Paper!" underneath and mail it to NBC News.

The latest part of Heroes 361 appears to be Hana, using the alias "Spoon Fed", giving away information leading to Primatech Security footage of a Sylar interrogation. This can be found on her blog.


The site is run by fans. On the forums are listed "careers" which fans can sign up for and actually participate in elements of Heroes 361 and site management.

The owner of the domain is Clayburn Griffin. He has a personal blog here which contains some Heroes-related humor as well.

Justin Stauber and Shayla Cabral are listed as Vice Presidents on the forums. It is expected they collaborate with Griffin on the organization and progress of Heroes 361 and the Primatech parody site.

Several "employees" also play a character on the Burnt Toast Diner Blog, a team blog with humorous and entertaining posts from characters on and off the show.

After-party chat

Every Monday after the new episodes, the site users participate in a live chat.

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