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Future terrorist

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Future terrorist
First appearance Resistance
In-story stats
Known ability Future terrorist's ability
Formal name Unknown
Date of death 2011
Occupation Terrorist

A terrorist with the ability to fire off green beams of energy or liquid who was attacked by Claire Bennet in the "exposed future".

Character History

Graphic Novel:Resistance

The terrorist is shot and killed by Claire Bennet after she attacks his terrorist cell. As he dies he shoots out a green beam at her, but it misses and hits the ceiling.

Evolved Human Abilities

The future terrorist's ability is an as-yet unnamed ability to shoot a concentrated flow of green energy or liquid from his hand. Little is known about this ability, since it was seen only once. The terrorist used this ability right before being killed by Claire. In the sole demonstration of the ability, the flow is discharged from the user's hand and is striking the ceiling. In the image, it is not blowing a hole in the ceiling, but instead spreading out when it hits it. There's also three rings in the flow where it is striking on the ceiling, and it looks like the ceiling is dripping from the outermost ring of the flow. The properties or effects of the energy beam or liquid are unknown.


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