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Mr. Shaw

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Mr. Shaw
Mr. Shaw.jpg
Portrayed by Zachary Knower
First appearance 1961
In-story stats
Known ability Seismic burst
Date of death May 1961
Significant other Mrs. Shaw (deceased)
Children Angela Petrelli,
Alice Shaw
Grandchildren Nathan Petrelli (deceased),
Peter Petrelli
Other relatives Arthur Petrelli (son-in-law, deceased)
Great grandchildren:
Claire Bennet,
Simon Petrelli
Monty Petrelli
Great great grandchildren:
Tommy Clark,

Mr. Shaw was Angela Petrelli's father.

Character History


Mr. Shaw went with his family to Coyote Sands where they are greeted by Chandra. They remained for several months at the camp but after witnessing an argument between his daughter Alice and Chandra, Mr. Shaw used his ability to knock Chandra back. His daughter then witnessed his death as he was subsequently shot by one of the guards.

Evolved Human Abilities

Mr. Shaw possesses the ability to project seismic bursts. He was able to repel another person several feet away.


  • According to the casting call, Mr. Shaw is supposed to be in his late 30s during 1961. "Mr. Shaw is a devoted father trying to protect his daughters."

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