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Mr. Zern

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Mr. Zern
Portrayed by Mark Colson
First appearance Four Months Later...
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Costa Verde, CA
Occupation Science teacher

Mr. Zern teaches at Costa Verde High School.

Character History

Four Months Later...

Mr. Zern instructs his students (including Debbie Marshall, Claire Bennet, and West Rosen) to turn on their Bunsen burners. He then asks the students a question about evolution. Claire knows the correct answer, Charles Darwin, but does not answer because she does not want to stand out.


Mr Zern gives a biology lecture on the ability of certain types of lizards to regenerate lost limbs. Claire asks if its possible for humans to one day do this, and Mr. Zern says that it's all a matter of phasing out the extra body parts, such as the appendix or wisdom teeth or even the pinky toe. That we really don't need them, therefore they are "junk in our DNA". Claire remarks that she had read that some people might have evolved a different code already and asked if that's possible, and he tells her that she'll need an advanced degree in genetics in order to answer her own questions, and asks her to thank him in her dissertation.


Mr. Zern begins a class on mitosis. West interrupts with a question about the topic from the day before. He asks if a human could interbreed with a lizard and produce a human with enhanced regenerative capabilities. He says that he has met such a "lizard girl." Mr. Zern brushes West off, thinking his question pointless.

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