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Candice Willmer

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Candice Willmer
Portrayed by Missy Peregrym,
Tawny Cypress (as Simone Deveaux),
Ashley Crow (as Sandra Bennet),
Hayden Panettiere (as Claire Bennet),
Ali Larter (as Jessica Sanders),
Kimleigh Smith (as Ms. Baker),
Rachel Kimsey (as Michelle),
Marisa Tayui (as a geisha),
Julie and Shawnie Costello (as hot twins),
Zachary Quinto (as Sylar)
First appearance Company Man
In-story stats
Known ability Illusion
Formal name Betty
Aliases Mr. Campbell,
Ren Metzger,
Candice Willmer,
Simone Deveaux,
Sandra Bennet,
Claire Bennet,
Jessica Sanders,
Niki Sanders,
Ms. Baker,
Date of death March 2007
Home Clayton, NY
Occupation works for the Company
Significant other Sean Fallon

Candice Willmer was an evolved human who worked for the Company and could cast illusions. Her given name is Betty; her original surname has not been revealed. She assumed a new form as her own after changing her name, but reverted to her original form on dying.

Character History


By entering his sister Shanti's name as a password, Mohinder Suresh is able to unlock a list of evolved humans. Candice's name is included on that list, and she is stated as currently living in Clayton, New York.

Company Man

Candice monitors a sedated Matt Parkman. Mr. Bennet asks if she has an ability, to which Thompson replies that she is being developed and will "clean up" the mess Mr. Bennet made.


Candice watches behind a window with Matt as Thompson interrogates Mr. Bennet in the medical facility at Primatech. As Matt tells Thompson that Mr. Bennet isn't lying, Candice tells Thompson that he owes her five bucks.

Candice uses her ability to trick Noah.

Later, at the Bennets' hotel room, Candice knocks at the door. When Mr. Bennet answers, she explains that he has another assignment. He closes the door, and she stops it with her boot. She enters, has a brief conversation with Sandra about the paper company, and compliments her hair.

In Isaac's apartment, a detective questions Isaac about Simone. Suddenly, Simone walks in, and the detective leaves, assuming everything is alright. Candice shows her true form. Following this, she cruelly taunts Isaac, becoming Simone again, complete with gunshot wounds.

In the Bennets' hotel room, Mr. Bennet talks to Sandra secretly about Claire and that they must pretend they know nothing. The phone rings and Sandra answers. Thompson emerges with other agents and Candice once again shows her true form and facetiously says, "Sorry".


While being held in a cell at Primatech Paper Co., Mr. Bennet gets a visit from an unexpected person -- Claire. Dressed in her cheerleading uniform, she runs into his arms and says that she tried to do what he told her but that the Company still managed to get her. Bennet, knowing that Claire isn't acting normal and wouldn't be dressed the way she is, pushes her away. Claire is revealed to be only an illusion and Candice's true form appears. Thompson arrives and tells her to leave; she does so only after menacing Bennet with the prospect of visions that "would make you want to tear your eyes out." After she goes, Mr. Bennet tells Thompson that he knows who Candice is and what she can do.

Jessica Sanders prepares to take Micah to Mr. Linderman, when Linderman arrives at their home. He asks Micah if he would like to "save the world". Jessica smiles and stays behind while Linderman takes Micah. Once they leave, the illusion of Jessica transforms back into Candice. When the real Jessica arrives, Candice leaves, but not before slyly complimenting Jessica on her "cute car".

The Hard Part

Candice, frustrated with her "babysitting" job, calls Linderman to talk about the possibility of being reassigned. She continues to impersonate Niki. When Micah, growing suspicious, tries to escape, Candice changes the appearance of the corridors such that he cannot find a way out. She then reveals herself to Micah, and threatens to show him many terrible things if he does not cooperate.


Up in the Company facility off Kirby Plaza, Candice still holds Micah prisoner. Candice gives Micah some comics and he admits she seems like a nice person. Micah asks why Candice doesn't use her powers to become a hero, but a jaded Candice dismisses Micah's youthful innocence. Mr. Linderman arrives, greets Candice, and asks for Micah's help.

Candice sneaks Micah into the booth so he can rig the election.

Back amidst the frenzy of election day, Candice takes Micah to a polling place. She disguises herself as a voter named Ms. Baker and introduces Micah to a poll worker as her son. In the voting booth, she asks Micah to alter the votes electronically to give Nathan Petrelli a landslide victory.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Bursting into the room where Micah is held hostage, Niki finds "Jessica" there taunting her. Candice uses her knowledge of Niki's struggle with Jessica to bait Niki and creates an illusion of Micah injured on the floor to goad her further. After being thrown into a mirror, Niki speaks to the real Jessica through one of its shards. Realizing that the Jessica she's fighting is a fraud, Niki uses her strength to knock Candice unconscious, disrupting the illusions.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 1

Betty describes the reasons she hates her high school--people are fake and think they're better than she. Betty sits in a bathroom stall and overhears three cheerleaders talk derisively about her and others. Angry, Betty imagines one of the girls has blemishes, and suddenly the girl appears to develop boils and rotting flesh.

Later, Betty and her friend Ren Metzger talk about how much they hate school and school functions. When a jock trips and embarrasses Ren Metzger, Betty helps her friend up. The two take pleasure in imagining their enemies being afraid of their fathers.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 2

In the boy's locker room of his high school, Crash has just finished football practice and remains behind as his friends leave the room. Betty creates an illusion of a devilish version of Crash's father which torments him into insanity.

The next day, Betty again has lunch with Ren and he tells her that whoever pulled off what scared Crash is his hero. Later, Betty disguises herself as a new girl named Mallory, meets the three cheerleaders in the girl's bathroom, and tells them that Crash may have gotten what he deserved. She hints that the alt-crowd may have been responsible.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 3

Betty, feeling terrible about what has happened to Ren, visits him at the hospital and explains that she feels it is her fault. After Betty uses her ability to temporarily look like Ren, Ren appears frightened and two nurses rush in. After the one nurse exclaims that Ren's going into shock, Betty leaves the room crying and hears one of the nurses mention that they're losing him.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 4

Betty returns to school and overhears some students gossiping about the recent tragedies. Betty attends the the pep rally; during the celebration she takes revenge on everyone in attendance. She creates mass illusions, convincing people that the gym is on fire, that they are exploding, and that their skin is melting. She then decides to leave both the school and her hometown. Betty reasons that if she has this incredible power, she should put it to good use. Deciding that from now on people will see her as she wants to be seen, she changes her appearance and decides on a new name--Candice.


Candice, who calls herself Michelle and appears as a beautiful redhead, lies next to Sylar on the beach and talks on the phone. As Sylar awakes, she tells him she rescued him from Kirby Plaza, that he has received stitches from his stab wounds and shouldn't move. He asks where the stitches are and Candice reveals that she can create illusions and that they are really in a two-room shack.

Candice's true form is finally shown with her death.

Candice serves Sylar breakfast, as his frustration mounts at being unable to use his power. She reminds him that he would not be alive if it weren't for her and mentions that once he heals, Sylar will be able to use his powers again. She tells him that in the meantime, she can give him anything he wants and take him wherever he wants to go--Paris, London, or Japan--and makes various illusions appear, and says that she can help him. As she leans in, Sylar breaks a coffee cup into her head, and says that he underestimated her, and that he will get his powers back, starting with hers.

After Sylar kills Candice and has presumably examined her brain to take her ability, Candice reverts back to her original form as Betty, an obese brunette. She is face down in a pool of blood.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

On a Company mission in West Virginia, Sean Fallon, leader of a Company support team, remembers his time with the Company over the years. In a flashback, he is reminded of the time he shared a relationship with Candice, remarking that she could take away the pain of what he has become with her ability. As he sees Candice lying on the floor of a two-room shack with the top of her head removed, he adds "some sick son of a bitch" took it all away from him, and he's back to where he was.

Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

Sylar visits the Company's gallery, where a portrait of her illusion form is hung in remembrance among those of other deceased agents.

Evolved Human Abilities

Candice had the power of illusion. She was able to alter how people perceived reality around her. She could use this to "become" other people or even things and affect how others saw the world.

Memorable Quotes

"Whats the matter baby? Wanna shoot me again?"

- Candice as Simone (To Isaac) (Parasite)

"Look, I don't want to hurt you. I like you. But if you don't listen to what Mr. Linderman says, well, I'll show you things that'll seriously mess you up for life. So, you need to behave. Okay?"

- Candice (to Micah) (The Hard Part)

"I have a cousin who eats like you. He's huge."

"So am I."

- Micah, Candice (Landslide)

"You're just too young to see how much the world sucks, how people can be so mean to each other just because of the way they were born or... what they look like."

- Candice (to Micah) (Landslide)

"I used to go by Candice. But ever since I dragged you off of Kirby Plaza, police are kind of looking for my old self. So, I went for a new look. What do you think?"

- Candice (to Sylar) (Kindred)


  • Candice is on the list.
  • The NBC episode description lists the character as "Candice Wilmer". Her name also appeared onscreen as "Candice" (The Hard Part). On the list, her name is spelled "Candace Willmer".
  • In a possible future timeline, Candice is killed by Sylar, who uses her ability to impersonate President Nathan Petrelli. In said future she was one of the people whom Hiro Nakamura brought to Noah Bennet to protect. (Five Years Gone)
  • Although Candice appears as an attractive Caucasian woman in her mid-twenties, her true form is overweight and far less attractive. Her comments to Micah in Landslide hinted at this and was confirmed in the Betty series of graphic novels and in Kindred.
  • When knocked unconscious while impersonating Jessica, Candice reverted to the form in which she is normally seen. There are hints in an interview that she may have maintained the illusion despite being knocked unconscious or that she was still barely conscious after being punched by Niki. After being killed by Sylar, her appearance was of an obese woman, though her face was not visible.

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