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Peter vs. Sylar
Sylar and Peter face off

Peter and Sylar have had many confrontations.

Play By Play

Round one (Homecoming)

Sylar Telekinesis.jpg

Peter tries to hold Sylar off while Claire escapes. Sylar telekinetically rips doors off of nearby lockers and hurls them at Peter, which Peter Deflects then follows Claire out onto the stone bleachers. Peter tells Claire to get to the stadium because Sylar doesn't want to be seen. After Claire leaves, Peter and Sylar struggle at the top of the bleachers, and both men fall off the back of the bleachers to the ground below. Claire returns to find Peter regenerating his wounds, resetting his broken bones. He sends her away for help, and the police arrive. Seeing him apparently unhurt and covered in blood, they arrest him.

  • Results: Both captured. Tie.

Round two (Parasite and .07%)

Peter vs Sylar.jpg

Peter later visits Mohinder's apartment, with nowhere else to go. However, he finds his entry impeded by a chair, and the place is dark. Peter calls out for Mohinder repeatedly, but gets no response. However, he feels some drops of liquid coming down from above. Horrified to see it is blood, he looks up, to see a bloody, but alive, Mohinder. He whispers hoarsely "Sylar". Then, Sylar himself appears before Peter, and announces his recognition of Peter. He also realizes that Peter is "like him", so he wants to see how. He then pushes Peter against a wall, and begins cutting off the top half of Peter's head.

As Sylar attempts to slice Peter's skull, he notices it quickly regenerating. Peter then uses telekinesis to throw Sylar into a glass fronted bookcase, breaking his concentration. When Sylar gets back up, Peter turns invisible, and Sylar expresses his interest gaining that ability. Unable to see Peter, Sylar uses telekinesis to throw shards of glass in all directions. One shard penetrates the back of Peter's head, killing him. As Sylar prepares to take Peter's brain, Mohinder hits him with the board containing the map. Sylar is knocked unconscious.

  • Results: Peter dead, Sylar unconscious. Sylar Wins.

Bonus Round (Five Years Gone)

Future Peter vs Future Sylar

Powers future peter pyro.jpg

During a ceremony in respect to the victims of the explosion, Sylar learns from Matt that Peter is trying to free Hiro so he can change the "past", and the Haitian is down. Sylar immediately flies to the Homeland Security holding facility, shocking all those at the ceremony. At the facility, Sylar phases through the door Peter was using to hold off his enemies, presumably having acquired the power from D.L. Hawkins. With Peter separated from the others as well as realizing that the Nathan before him is not his brother, Sylar reveals his true form. The two rivals then face each other in an epic showdown the outcome of which is not known.

  • Results: Unknown.

Intermission (Landslide)

At Kirby Plaza, unbeknownst to Peter, Mr. Bennet, Ted and Claire, who are devising a plan to stop the bomb, Sylar is lurking around a corner eavesdropping on their conversation. Peter hears Sylar planning an attack on Ted and realizes that that Sylar is stalking them. Before they can formulate a plan, FBI agents ambush and arrest Ted. Peter grabs Claire and makes them both disappear.

Round three (How to Stop an Exploding Man)


The first two people to arrive at the Kirby Plaza are Mr. Bennet and Peter. They are looking for Sylar whom according to Molly, was already there. Peter suggests that Sylar's hiding in plain sight, but when Peter turns his head, Sylar sneaks up behind Bennet and telekinetically crashes him into a wall. Peter faces Sylar, who muses that he'd already killed him, to which Peter responds that it didn't take. Sylar then uses telekinesis to choke Peter, saying that he doesn't want him to take all the glory. Matt walks up to Sylar and shoots four bullets at him, but Sylar quickly stops them in mid-air and propels them into Matt's chest. At that very moment, Micah, Molly, Niki, and Mohinder run out of the Kirby Plaza building with a wounded D.L.. Mohinder rushes to Matt to try and help him.

While choking Peter, Sylar moves a traffic meter into his hand and hits Peter with it. Niki, knowing she can help, runs up to Sylar and snatches the traffic meter from him, giving him a whack in the stomach. Micah calls for his mother, saying that dad could use her help, and Peter tells her to go back to her family. Peter then goes to Sylar and punches him in his face while using enhanced strength, leaving his face dripping with blood. Peter's hands begin to glow and Sylar looks at him, laughing.

Hiro teleports from Yamagato Industries (where he left Ando after rescuing him from Sylar), to Kirby Plaza behind Sylar. Hiro calls Sylar's name and quickly runs up to him, impaling him with Ando's sword. Sylar falls on the ground wounded. Hiro walks up to Peter and Peter says that he can stop him from exploding by killing him, but before Hiro can do anything, Sylar, on the brink of death, telekinetically tosses Hiro across Kirby Plaza. Before Hiro crashes into the building behind him, he teleports away. Sylar remains on the ground and sees images of his previous victims as he taps into precognition, then his eyes go white.

Just then, Claire arrives. She goes to her father, takes his gun from him, and walks up to a glowing Peter, pointing the gun at him. Peter commands her to shoot him, telling her that she's the only one who can. Claire wants Peter to tell her that there is another way, but Peter instructs her to shoot him, telling her that there is no other way. Suddenly, Nathan flies in between Peter and Claire and lowers Claire's gun, telling her that the future isn't written in stone. Peter tells Nathan that he took Ted's power and that he can't control it and he can't do anything. Nathan tells Peter that he's not leaving him and that he can't let everyone else die. He tells Peter that he saved the cheerleader, so they could save the world. Nathan grabs Peter and flies him up into the atmosphere where Peter finally explodes in a bright light as everyone watches the sky.

  • Results: Sylar severely wounded (but survived), Peter exploded (but survived). Tie.

Uneasy truce (I Am Become Death)

Peter Vs. Sylar in jail.jpg

In another future, Peter learns from the future version of Sylar that they are brothers. Peter tells Sylar that he needs his ability to save the world, but Sylar refuses to help Peter in this regard. Peter responds by telling Sylar that if he won't help him, he'll just take what he needs, to which Sylar challenges him to try. Peter attempts to read Sylar's mind, but is unable to. He then tells Sylar to paint the future himself if he doesn't trust Peter. Sylar does so, and believing what he painted, he instructs Peter to fix his watch. After repairing it, Peter has access to Sylar's ability. Later, Peter teleports back to his own time, to Sylar's cell at Level 5. Though he is facing the other way, Sylar realizes Peter has arrived. Peter runs across the cell and lifts Sylar up against the wall by his neck, choking him. He tells Sylar that he's visited the future and taken Sylar's power so he can prevent the catastrophic events therein from coming to pass, to which Sylar replies that Peter now has the hunger. Peter says that he won't become like Sylar, but Sylar replies that he already has, calling him brother.

Round four (Angels and Monsters)

Powers Sylar knocks Peter off their Mom.jpg

After teleporting from a possible future back to the present to Sylar's cell at Level 5, Peter is holding Sylar up by the neck. Sylar taunts him about the fact they're brothers. Peter snaps his neck, then turns to see their mother Angela at the observation window. He telekinetically grabs her and asks what other secrets she's hiding from him, besides the fact that Sylar is his brother. He starts to slice open her skull in an attempt to find out, but Sylar heals his neck injury and telekinetically throws Peter against the cell window, rendering him unconscious.

  • Results: Peter unconscious, Sylar wins.

Round five (Dying of the Light)

Powers peter vs sylar.jpg

Peter and Sylar fight over the best course of action regarding curing their mother's condition. Peter grabs Sylar and flies him down the hallway and into a grilled window. Sylar tries to telekinetically hold him off but Peter fires lightning bolts at him. He then uses his enhanced strength to knock Sylar unconscious. Peter hauls Sylar back to the cell and attaches the drug shunt.

  • Results: Peter unscathed, Sylar in a coma in Level 5. Peter wins.

Round six (Eris Quod Sum)

Guns up.jpg

A powerless Peter is skulking around Pinehearst, looking for his brother. He finds him sitting on a couch, and Sylar is surprised to see Peter still there. Peter tells Sylar he wasn't going to leave him, and asks why he's is just sitting around and if Arthur took his powers. Sylar replies that he still has his powers, and that Arthur simply told him the truth. The two argue about whether to trust Arthur or not, and Peter says that he knows where manipulating abilities can lead, at which point Arthur enters the room and says the world Peter saw doesn't exist, and that they won't let it. Peter tells Sylar they need to get out of there, but Sylar says he's not going anywhere... but Peter is, and throws him out of a window. Despite falling seven stories and no longer having the ability to regenerate, Peter remains alive, and is helped away by Claire. Arthur wonders how Peter could survive such a fall, and Sylar claims not to know. Having gotten away from Pinehearst, Peter speculates that Sylar must have saved him by using his telekinesis to slow his fall. Arthur later confirms he knows Sylar did that, but doesn't care.

  • Results: Sylar unscathed, Peter badly bruised and cut but not an actual confrontation.

Tense encounter (Our Father)


Peter fires a bullet at his father, but Sylar stops it inches from Arthur's head. Peter points the gun at Sylar, but Sylar uses his telekinesis to knock it out of Peter's hands. Sylar then turns to Arthur and asks if he's really his father, to which Arthur replies that he is, but Sylar uses his newly acquired power to discover this is a lie. Sylar says Peter isn't a killer but that Sylar is. He then releases the bullet, which goes though Arthur's head, killing him. Sylar says Peter doesn't have anything he needs and leaves. Peter tells the Haitian to go after Sylar.

Round seven (An Invisible Thread)

Peter + Nathan VS Sylar.JPG

Peter arrives with Nathan to fight Sylar. Sylar using electric manipulation to shock one of the brothers, but then the lightning causes the doors to slam shut. There are bright blue lights of electricity flashing when Claire opens the door,and she finds Peter with cuts on his face and Sylar and Nathan nowhere. Then afterward, in a limousine Peter impersonates the President, having acquired shape shifting from Sylar during the fight. Sylar also impersonates Nathan with shape shifting and they shake hands, only to find that the President is Peter in disguise who then knocks Sylar out with the tranquilizer given to him by Noah.

  • Results: Peter hurt but recovers. Sylar is unconscious. Peter wins.

Round eight (The Fifth Stage)

Peter nails Sylar.jpg

Peter absorbs René's abilities and leaves to confront Sylar. In the elevator Nurse Hammer appears and turns out to be Sylar, who throws Peter to a storage room. Peter comes from behind and hits Sylar, who attempts to use his telekinesis until Peter tells him that he has a new ability. Peter then hits Sylar with some nails on the hands, in the mouth and on the legs. Peter demands Sylar release the Nathan persona. Sylar says it's a one-sided deal. Eventually Peter gets the Nathan out of Sylar.

Later on, at the place where Nathan and Peter first talked about their abilities, Nathan decides to jump off a roof. He does so, but Sylar resurfaces. Sylar gets off the car, looks at Peter and walks away.

  • Results: Peter succeeds in bringing Nathan out of Sylar. However, since Peter can't hold as many abilities as he used to, he does not have rapid cell regeneration, telekinesis, flight and many other abilities. Thus, he couldn't stop Sylar from escaping. Tie, but definitely foreshadowing a rematch.

  • Note: This was a fight without abilities (if you don't count Peter's ability-stopping ability). Thus, this is considered by most fans as the true fight to determine who the "better man" is. By that definition, Peter wins

Uneasy Truce (The Wall)

Trapped in Sylar's mind, Peter finds himself in an empty street within an empty city. Meanwhile, Sylar finds himself repairing an endless supply of watches. He hears a banging noise within the city and goes outside. He turns and sees Peter, holding a metal pipe to pound on the concrete. Sylar touches him and assures himself that Peter is real. Peter tells him that he's there to get Sylar out, but Sylar explains that he's been trying for three years to leave. Peter tells him that it's been three hours, and Sylar believes that Peter is his mind paying tricks on him. He refuses to let Peter taunt him and tells him to stay away. He runs back to the watch shop and Peter follows him, insisting that he's real and that Matt put Sylar into the dream. Sylar doesn't believe it, and wonders why Peter wants to help him escape when he killed Nathan. Peter tells Sylar he's the one who needs to save his friend Emma. Sylar points out that he's no savior but reluctantly agrees, daring Peter to try. Peter tries to use Matt's power but nothing happens. Peter avoids Sylar for a month. Sylar finally talks to him and says that there's no one out there, but Peter doesn't want to spend any more time with him. He insists that he needs to focus. When Sylar taunts him, Peter punches him but Sylar tells him that by now, everyone is dead by now, including Emma. Peter insists that they're real and that's what matters. As they walk down the street, Sylar wonders how it could be such a detailed dream with books he's never read, but Peter believes they're from Sylar's subconscious. Peter realizes that Sylar doesn't want to get out, and Sylar wonders if he earned his solitude. Peter insists that he needs Sylar's help and they have to work together. Sylar agrees and admits that he wants to help. They turn around and find a large brick wall blocking the street. Peter recognizes it as the wall from Parkman's basement, and figures that it's their way out. They have to break through to escape. Peter pounds on the wall with a sledgehammer while Sylar tells him to eat. Peter insists that he doesn't need to eat or sleep, but doesn't know how long it's been since he first started trying to break it down. Peter refuses to yield and Sylar notes that Peter has the same look that he remembers from Nathan's memories of when Peter was a boy. Peter tells him to stop, saying he's not Nathan and never will be. Sylar tries to apologize but Peter says that it won't change anything. Sylar admits that nothing changes and they're stuck there forever, the two of them. He grabs a sledgehammer and approaches the wall. Peter asks Sylar what he's going to do, and he says that he's going to end it. Together they pound on the wall.

Sylar and Peter break The Wall.

Sylar is contemplating the untouched wall when Peter arrives with a birthday present: The Pillars of the Earth. He thanks Sylar for being there and helping to keep him sane, and then prepares to approach the wall again. Sylar admits that he's wondered if Peter was going to hit him with his hammer. Peter admits that he's had the same thoughts, and refuses to accept Sylar's apology because he wouldn't be doing right by Nathan's memory. Sylar realizes that Peter is holding onto his anger out of fear that he'll lose the last remnant of Nathan forever. Sylar insists he's changed and Peter knows it. Peter admits he knows that and hits the wall again. A gap opens up and Sylar joins his efforts. The two of them break down the wall, revealing a bright light.

Pete wakes up in the basement. He moves away from the wall as Sylar telekinetically bursts through the wall. Peter checks his watch and discovers they've only been in the dream for half a day. Sylar wonders if that means it's any less real. Peter simply says it's time to save Emma. However, as they go up the stairs, they find Eli waiting for them, and clone Elis appear behind them.

  • Note: This episode implies that Peter and Sylar have gotten over their rivalry.

Teamup (Brave New World)

Peter and Sylar team up together to save Emma after escaping from Matt's mental prison. First they defeat Eli together easily and save Matt's life as Eli's clones were about to kill him. Peter shows some trust in Sylar changing, working to convince Matt of this which he somewhat succeds in. Afterwards, Peter and Sylar head off to save Emma with Peter apparently replicating flight from Sylar to fly to New York as he later displays that power and the two got to Central Park from LA very fast.

At Central Park, Peter recignizes things from his dream and realizes Emma is in trouble. Sylar tells Peter to stop Samuel while he saves Emma. Peter is reluctant but gives Sylar some trust after Sylar reminds him he's changed and that the dream shows Sylar is the one to save Emma. Peter arrives just in time to stop Samuel from killing thousands of people by using flight to tackle him off-stage, breaking his concentration. Peter holds Samuel off in a terrakinetic battle and defeats him in a physical one after Hiro teleports all of the carnies away, leaving Samuel practically powerless.

Meanwhile Sylar fights to free Emma from Eric Doyle and with her help, defeats him and saves Emma.

After reuniting with Emma, Peter finds that Sylar has not betrayed his trust and returned to his old ways and has merley tied Doyle up like a puppet instead of killing him like he would normally do. Peter and Sylar later walk through the nearly empty Carnival discussing the events of the night and Sylar admits to Peter that saving Emma and not killing Doyle felt great to him and he seems to enjoy truly being good. Both watch together as Claire reveals her power to the world.

  • Result: Peter and Sylar prove to be an incredible team, saving the world and the girl, something neither would have been able to do on their own.


  • Peter: 2 (3 counting the final battle, if thinking solely about the actual fight)
  • Sylar: 2
  • Ties: 2/3

Power comparison

Peter used to be an empathic mimic who duplicates the powers of others, now he can only replicate abilities.

Sylar's original power is intuitive aptitude — a superhuman ability to determine exactly how things work. This allows him to use the ability of anyone whose brain he's examined.

Powers Peter has mimicked or replicated Source Sylar has acquired Source
Alchemy Yes Bob Bishop (The Butterfly Effect)
Clairsentience Yes Bridget Bailey (One of Us, One of Them)
Disintegration Yes Tom Miller (I Am Sylar)
Electric manipulation Yes Elle Bishop (Four Months Later...) Yes Elle Bishop (It's Coming)
Empathy Yes Lydia (Let It Bleed)
Enhanced hearing Yes Dale Smither (Unexpected)
Enhanced memory Yes Charlie Andrews (Seven Minutes to Midnight)
Enhanced strength Yes Niki Sanders (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
Mohinder Suresh (A Clear and Present Danger, Orientation)
Enhanced synesthesia Yes Emma Coolidge (Hysterical Blindness)
Flight Yes Nathan Petrelli (Genesis, Dual, Trust and Blood, Exposed)
Sylar (Brother's Keeper, Brave New World)
West Rosen (Let It Bleed)
Yes Nathan Petrelli (An Invisible Thread)
Freezing Yes Tracy Strauss (A Clear and Present Danger) Yes James Walker (Don't Look Back)
Healing touch Yes Jeremy Greer (Tabula Rasa)
Imprinting Yes Joe Macon (Out of Town... On Business)
Induced radioactivity Yes Ted Sprague (The Hard Part) Yes Ted Sprague (Landslide)
Invisibility Yes Claude Rains (Godsend)
Intuitive aptitude Yes Gabriel Gray (I Am Become Death) NA NA
Lie detection Yes Sue Landers (Our Father)
Melting Yes Zane Taylor (Run!)
Mental manipulation Yes René (The Fifth Stage)
Phasing Yes D.L. Hawkins (Lizards)
Precognition Yes Isaac Mendez (Don't Look Back) Yes Isaac Mendez (.07%)
Precognitive dreaming Yes Angela Petrelli (Genesis, Close to You)
Pyrokinesis Yes Flint Gordon, Jr. (I Am Become Death)
Rapid cell regeneration Yes Claire Bennet (Homecoming) Yes Claire Bennet (The Second Coming)
Shape shifting Yes Sylar (An Invisible Thread) Yes James Martin (Into Asylum)
Shattering Yes Trevor Zeitlan (Villains)
Sound manipulation Yes Jesse Murphy (One of Us, One of Them)
Space-time manipulation Yes Hiro Nakamura (Unexpected, Tabula Rasa)
Super speed Yes Daphne Millbrook (I Am Become Death)
Edgar (Jump, Push, Fall)
Telekinesis Yes Sylar (Unexpected) Yes Brian Davis (Six Months Ago)
Telepathy Yes Matt Parkman (Fallout, Exposed, The Art of Deception)
Terrakinesis Yes Samuel Sullivan (Brave New World)
Additional powers obtained in alternative futures
Powers Future Peter or Future Peter duplicated Source Future Sylar or Future Gabriel acquired Source
Body insertion Yes Unknown
Electric manipulation Yes Agent (Graphic Novel:Walls, Part 1)
Flight Yes Nathan Petrelli (Five Years Gone)
Illusion Yes Unknown Yes Candice Willmer (Five Years Gone)
Mental manipulation Yes The Haitian (Graphic Novel:Resistance)
Phasing Yes D.L. Hawkins (Five Years Gone)
Pyrokinesis Yes Meredith Gordon (Five Years Gone)
Rapid cell regeneration Yes Claire Bennet (Five Years Gone)
Super speed Yes Agent (Graphic Novel:Walls, Part 1)

Powers Peter Mimicked

Prior to having his power stolen by Arthur Petrelli, Peter was able to duplicate the abilities of other evolved humans; after he acquired the ability, he did not need to be in the person's presence. To date, Peter had conclusively duplicated the abilities of:

Powers to which Peter has been Exposed

Other evolved humans had been within Peter's proximity, exposing him to their abilities. However, Peter never exhibited these abilities:

In the original timeline, Peter was exposed to Sylar's enhanced memory. (Homecoming) However, Hiro Nakamura went back in time, preventing Sylar from obtaining it in the first place. (Once Upon a Time in Texas)

Powers Peter Replicated

After having his power stolen by Arthur Petrelli, Peter injected himself with the formula and was granted the ability to replicate the abilities of other evolved humans. To date, Peter has replicated the abilities of:

Peter's current replicated ability is:

Powers Peter (explosion future) Mimicked

By 2011 in the "explosion future," Peter has acquired additional evolved human abilities; after he has acquired the ability, he does not need to be in the person's presence. His known abilities at this time are:

Powers to which Peter (explosion future) has been Exposed

By 2011 in the "explosion future," other evolved humans have been within Peter's proximity, exposing him to their abilities. These abilities Peter has not yet exhibited:

Powers Peter (exposed future) Mimicked

By 2011 in the "exposed future," Peter has acquired additional evolved human abilities; after he has acquired the ability, he does not need to be in the person's presence. His known abilities at this time include the following:

Powers to which Peter (exposed future) has been Exposed

By 2011 and his time in the present, other evolved humans have been within Peter's proximity, exposing him to their abilities. These abilities Peter has not yet exhibited:

Powers Acquired by Sylar

With Sylar's ability enabling him to take the abilities of others, he has acquired many abilities.

Before he was infected with the Shanti virus (Kindred), he had acquired the following abilities (in chronological order):

Sylar originally stole enhanced memory from Charlie Andrews (Seven Minutes to Midnight). However, in Once Upon a Time in Texas, Hiro Nakamura went back in time, preventing the event from having happened. Thus, in the current timeline, Sylar never acquired the ability.

When he was infected, his intuitive aptitude and telekinesis were suppressed, and his other abilities were permanently lost.

He has since recovered from the virus (using a cure in Powerless), and subsequently demonstrated his original ability and telekinesis. Since that time, he has acquired the following additional powers:

Powers Acquired by Sylar (explosion future)

By 2011 in the "explosion future," Sylar has acquired additional powers. His known powers at this time are:

Powers Acquired by Sylar (exposed future)

Memorable Quotes

"You're like me, aren't you? I'd like to see how that works."

- Sylar (to Peter) (Parasite)

"The last time I fought Sylar, he killed me."

- Peter, to Claire (Landslide)

"What took you so long?"

- Sylar (to Peter) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"Haven't I killed you before?"

"Didn't take."

- Sylar, Peter (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"Turns out you're the villain, Peter. I'm the hero."

- Sylar (to Peter) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"Every time you pick up that sledgehammer, I feel like you’re going to hit me with it. Really hard."

"Hmm, that's funny, because every time I pick up this sledgehammer, I feel like I want to hit you with it. Really hard."

- Sylar, Peter (The Wall)


  • In an interview, Tim Kring elaborated on the similarities and differences between Peter and Sylar's powers, calling them "two halves of a similar coin". "Both are able to absorb people’s powers, but in two very different ways. Peter’s is based on his empathy and his ability to connect with people and when he’s around them. Sylar actually has to take your brain and do something with it."
  • Peter is forced to watch Sylar's attempted removal of Angela's brain (Thanksgiving). In the past, Sylar watched Peter begin to do the same thing.


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