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Rachel St. John

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Rachel St. John
Rachel St.John .jpg
First appearance Viewpoints
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Chicago, IL
Residence Rachel's apartment
Significant other Formerly Dennis (deceased)

Rachel St. John is Dennis's girlfriend.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

While on surveillance, Sylar notes that Dennis ran home to his girlfriend's apartment.

Later, Rachel stands in her kitchen with the bodies of two Company agents when Sylar walks in. She begs him for help, only to be rendered unconscious by a draft of green gas exhaled by Tina, a fellow Level 5 escapee. She wakes up to find Sylar telekinetically choking Tina and Michael, and begs him not to kill them. After a number of other Company agents arrive to recapture Tina and Michael, Sylar's superior gives the command for the Haitian to erase her memories.

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