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Season: One
Episode number: 119
First aired: April 23, 2007
Unaired episode.jpg
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This article contains archived spoilers about .07%. See the main article to see how they panned out. For general spoilers about upcoming episodes, see Spoiler:Heroes.

NBC Blurb

Serial killer Sylar's rampage continues--Malcolm McDowell and Eric Roberts guest star--After "helping" Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) search for more people with special abilities, Sylar's (guest star Zachary Quinto) rampage continues with two "heroes" being confronted by the stronger-powered serial killer. Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) must factor what he's learned from Linderman (guest star Malcolm McDowell) into difficult decisions that will shape the future--for him, his family, New York City and the world. As Thompson (guest star Eric Roberts) uses every tool at his disposal to find Claire (Hayden Panettiere), Linderman drafts Jessica (Ali Larter) into his far-reaching plans. Meanwhile, Hiro's (Golden Globe nominee Masi Oka) resolve to "save the world" strengthens in the face of a grim reality. Santiago Cabrera, Noah Gray-Cabey, Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, and Milo Ventimiglia also star. James Kyson Lee, Missy Peregrym and Cristine Rose also guest star.

Published Spoilers

  • 4/23 -- Tim Kring talks about the big fight between the power stealers coming up in .07%. "We've positioned Peter and Sylar as the two mythic superpowers of the show, so this is merely Round 1. It's not their ultimate showdown — it's more like the trailer for things to come." TV Guide
  • 4/11 -- Ausiello is back from his vaction with some pretty generic spoilers. "Niki has something Linderman wants... Oh, and something very, very important to The Company can be found in New York City." He also has a link to Trivial Matt'ers Blog which has a collection of equally generic spoilers. However, there's one interesting nugget: "Mama Petrelli does not deserve a visit from the FTD man on May 13." Does this suggest she was assigned Peter and/or Nathan rather then having given birth? Or perhaps she does something to betray her children?
  • 4/03 -- NBC releases another new preview trailer in which Thompson talks to Mr. Bennet about his fate. Candice also offers to show Mr. Bennet stuff that will "make him want to rip his eyes out".
  • 4/03 -- NBC releases a new .07% Preview trailer where Linderman admits to Nathan that he can heal "a few things", and proceeds to heal a dying flower as Nathan watches.
  • 3/21 -- One of the series regulars "goes away for good" April 23. Ask Ausiello
  • Emmett Furey from CBR details a clip he watched of the continuation of Nathan's scene with Mr. Linderman with lots of spoilers.
  • Kristin Veitch talks about episode 119 including tidbits like Sylar being pushed out a window and dying. She also claims Matt, Mr. Bennet, and Ted are incarcerated and later escape using Matt's powers.
  • 3/12 -- According to BuddyTV, Linderman will reveal himself to have special powers; he will tell Nathan that he once tried to bring many evolved humans together, but some got greedy and formed a separate faction. When he shows Nathan some of Isaac's paintings in his gallery, he tells Nathan that the power of precognition is not unique--people have been prophesying since ancient times. Linderman shows Nathan a painting of Nathan in the White House, but Nathan is interested in the painting of the explosion. Linderman justifies the destruction by saying that only .07% of the population will die in the explosion, which is a "small price to pay" for bringing the existence of evolved humans to the attention of the world.
  • 3/11 -- The Heroes panel at Paley Fest in Hollywood showed a scene from the next new batch of Heroes episodes. Linderman explains that he is responsible for the nuclear explosion in New York, hoping the resulting crisis will unite the rest of the world. He alludes to having a power, as well as being part of a earlier group who were doing good deeds, but later fell apart, some of whom become the cabal seen so far. He also feels he's doing the world a favor. (Aint it Cool News)
  • 3/11 -- Comic Book Resources reviews ".07%".
  • 2/13 -- Some scenes will feature a highly computer-savvy geek in his 20s. Source:
  • 1/27 -- This episode will feature a comic books fanboy who is said to be a slacker in his late 20s, the head of security in a large casino, some very competent guard, and the bodyguard of a highly powerful man. Source:

Fan Theories

  • ".07%" refers to the percent of the world's population that resides within the blast zone and are victims of the explosion.
  • ".07%" refers to the number of evolved humans on the planet. If this is true, out of approximately 6.5 billion people there would be approximately 4,550,000 of them.
  • Linderman wants to use Micah to modify the voting machines so Nathan wins the election. Micah can manipulate electronic devices and Niki is told to have something that Linderman wants. (see Ausiello)
  • Linderman will get Nathan to run for office by offering to heal his wife's handicap.
  • Sylar will think he's killed Isaac, and we will too, until he discovers he can't fortell the future. Candice will have messed with Sylar's head the whole time.