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Hiro vs. Death
Future dead hiro.jpg
Death - 1, Hiro - 0

Even with his ability to manipulate space and time, Hiro Nakamura often fails to save somebody from death.

Season One Recurrences

Don't Look Back

In the future, Hiro finds Isaac Mendez with his brain removed. Then, a nuclear explosion destroys New York City.

Better Halves

When Hiro and Ando go to the bathroom, Jessica Sanders arrives and kills everyone in the warehouse.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

The lesson obviously didn't sink in well enough. While Hiro is in the bathroom, Sylar uses the moment to kill Charlie.

Six Months Ago

Not only Hiro fails to prevent Charlie from being killed by Sylar, he learns that she has a blood clot in her brain and is going to die anyway.


Hiro and Ando arrive too late to save the cheerleader.

Isaac paints Hiro standing against a dinosaur. Ando says Hiro is going to die.


Hiro and Ando narrowly escape being killed by guards in Corinthian Casino... only to witness the destroyed New York in the future.

Five Years Gone

Future Hiro tells his present self that he stabbed Sylar, but he regenerated. Thus, Future Hiro failed to save New York from nuclear explosion.

Later, he mentions that he brought Candice Wilmer to Noah Bennet. This is exactly how Sylar acquired his illusion ability.

Death has Mohinder spare Hiro and kill the Haitian, who is essentially a good guy, only to torment Hiro a little more.

At last, Future Hiro is killed by Matt Parkman.

The Hard Part

Hiro and Ando return to the present and find out that Isaac has already been killed by Sylar.

Virginia Gray dies because Hiro hesitated and stopped time when it was too late.

Season Two Recurrences

Four Months Later...

Hiro saves the Fake Kensei from being pierced by arrows, but death turns the tables by burning Otsu to the ground.

Out of Time

Hiro learns from Ando that while he was having fun in the past, his father was murdered.

Cautionary Tales

Hiro goes back in time to save his father, but he surrenders himself to death.

Season Three Recurrences

The Second Coming

Hiro travels to the future and sees himself killed by Ando. Then, the world is destroyed.

The Butterfly Effect

Hiro and all the Heroes are dead in Angela's dream.

Angels and Monsters

Hiro is told that in order to learn who his enemies are, he has to kill Ando.

Dying of the Light

Hiro finally has his revenge by faking Ando's death.


Usutu is killed as soon as Hiro finishes his spirit walk.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Death isn't going to leave a memory-wiped Hiro alone so easily - he reads comics and remembers all the lives he's lost.

Hiro teleports Sylar and Elle to a beach. There, Sylar kills Elle.

Our Father

Hiro's mother dies in vain because he loses the Catalyst to Arthur Petrelli anyway.

Cold Snap

Hiro regains his ability. However, by using it wrong, he condemns himself to death.

Season Four Recurrences


Hiro fails to save Tadashi 46 times in a row. Death decides he's had enough fun and lets Hiro succeed on the 47th attempt.

Tabula Rasa

Peter Petrelli goes to find a healer to help Hiro (and almost dies out there). However, he teleports away just before Peter returns with a healing ability.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Hiro saves Charlie from being killed by Sylar, but her aneurysm ruptures. However, Hiro has Sylar cure her.


Hiro and Lydia go to the past and witness Joseph Sullivan's death by his brother Samuel.


In his imagination, several dead people sentence Hiro to death for messing with space and time, but is rescued by his dead mother.

Brave New World

With Ando's help, Hiro teleports all the carnies away, saving thousands lives from Samuel's wrath.


Death - 74

Hiro - 6

Death wins!