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Accelerated Probability
Powers Santiago jumps away from a bus.jpg
Held by: John Dolan,
Unknown Male
Ability to: see and react faster than normal

Accelerated Probability is the ability to see and react faster than normal.


  • John Dolan has this ability.
  • Reyes has this ability, and is his only natural ability.
  • An unknown male possesses this ability as well.


When one is using this power, they see the world slow down in their eyes, but are able to move at normal speed. This ability in use when the user's adrenaline boosts higher than any human. The user can raise it at will to the limits they want.

This ability allows the user to have:

  • Increased strength
  • Increased speed
  • Increased Agility
  • An increase of accuracy with a weapon (firing a gun, or with blades)

John Dolan and Reyes

These two men have the same control over the ability. They both have a slight, clothing colored trail when running, have the same amount of increased strength, and same increase of agility. However, John has been able to have the yellow trail once when he was apart of the company. But has had trouble getting it again.

Selected Examples


AP.gif ACPR.gif


  • The users of this ability are not as fast as Daphne or Edgar. However, you will see the users running very fast maybe even the same speed as a car going it highest limits, which is what John experiences
  • John doesn't care for the fact he has abilities. Though this ability can be a powerful one, he does not use it as much as anyone would.

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