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User:Janrodrigo/List of All Characters/Intervolume Hiatus 1.1

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Code Name Sort Sur Rank Evolution Ability
001 Claire Bennet Claire, Bennet Bennet, Claire 073.25 Confirmed Rapid cell regeneration
002 Mr. Bennet Mr., Bennet Bennet, Mr. 069.25 Unknown Unknown
003 Zach Zachary Zachary 056.25 Unknown Unknown
004 Peter Petrelli Peter, Petrelli Petrelli, Peter 054 Confirmed Empathic mimicry, Precognitive dreaming, Flight, Precognition, Rapid cell regeneration, Telepathy
Persuasion, Space-time manipulation, Intuitive aptitude, Telekinesis, Enhanced memory
005 Simone Deveaux Simone, Deveaux Deveaux, Simone 038.25 Unknown Unknown
006 Charles Deveaux (deceased) Charles, Deveaux Deveaux, Charles 011.5 Unknown Unknown
007 Isaac Mendez Isaac, Mendez Mendez, Isaac 050 Confirmed Precognition
008 Mohinder Suresh Mohinder, Suresh Suresh, Mohinder 048.25 Unknown Unknown
010 Nirand Nirand Nirand 015 Unknown Unknown
011 Chandra Suresh (deceased) Chandra, Suresh Suresh, Chandra 020.5 Unknown Unknown
012 Gabriel Gray Gabriel, Gray Gray, Gabriel 034.5 Confirmed Intuitive aptitude, Telekinesis
Suspected: Enhanced memory
013 Niki Sanders Nicole, Sanders Sanders, Nicole 046.25 Confirmed Enhanced strength
014 Ando Masahashi Ando, Masahashi Masahashi, Ando 056 Unknown Unknown
016 Micah Sanders Micah, Sanders Sanders, Micah 050.5 Confirmed Technopathy
017 Weasel (deceased) Weasel Weasel 015.5 Unknown Unknown
018 Big guy (deceased) Big guy Big guy 010.5 Unknown Unknown
019 Nathan Petrelli Nathan, Petrelli Petrelli, Nathan 051.5 Confirmed Flight
020 Cabbie Cabbie Cabbie 000.5 Unknown Unknown
021 Mr. Linderman Mr., Linderman Linderman, Mr. 004 Unknown Unknown
022 Jim Jim Jim 005 Unknown Unknown
023 Nathan's secretary Nathan's secretary Nathan's secretary 010 Unknown Unknown
024 Owen Owen Owen 000.5 Unknown Unknown
025 Angela Petrelli Angela, Petrelli Petrelli, Angela 025 Unknown Unknown
027 Hiro Nakamura Hiro, Nakamura Nakamura, Hiro 077 Confirmed Space-time manipulation
028 Kin Egami Kin, Egami Egami, Kin 005 Unknown Unknown
029 Micah's principal Micah's principal Micah's principal 005 Unknown Unknown
030 D.L. Hawkins Daniel Lawrance, Hawkins Hawkins, Daniel Lawrance 035.25 Confirmed Phasing
031 Mr. Petrelli Mr., Petrelli Petrelli, Mr. 002.5 Unknown Unknown
032 Tina Tina Tina 030.5 Unknown Unknown
033 Train wreck victim Train wreck victim Train wreck victim 010 Unknown Unknown
034 Joey Ramsford Joey, Ramsford Ramsford, Joey 005 Unknown Unknown
035 Scotty Scotty Scotty 005 Unknown Unknown
036 Mohinder's landlord Mohinder's landlord Mohinder's landlord 005 Unknown Unknown
037 Tom Tom Tom 000.5 Unknown Unknown
038 Sandra Bennet Sandra, Bennet Bennet, Sandra 035.5 Unknown Unknown
040 Lyle Bennet Lyle, Bennet Bennet, Lyle 020 Unknown Unknown
041 Doug Doug Doug 000.5 Unknown Unknown
042 Homeless Mexican guy Homeless Mexican guy Mexican guy, Homeless 000.5 Unknown Unknown
043 Tokyo bouncer (I) Tokyo bouncer (I) Tokyo bouncer (I) 005 Unknown Unknown
044 Tokyo bouncer (II) Tokyo bouncer (II) Tokyo bouncer (II) 005 Unknown Unknown
045 Laura Lancaster Laura, Lancaster Lancaster, Laura 000.5 Unknown Unknown
046 Mohinder's grandmother (deceased) Mohinder's grandmother Mohinder's grandmother 000.25 Unknown Unknown
048 Morgue doctor Morgue doctor Morgue doctor 003 Unknown Unknown
049 Chelsea Cab Company boss Chelsea Cab Company boss Chelsea Cab Company boss 003 Unknown Unknown
050 Ms. Rogers Ms., Rogers Rogers, Ms. 000.25 Unknown Unknown
051 Exterminator Exterminator Exterminator 005 Unknown Unknown
052 Eden McCain Eden, McCain McCain, Eden 049 Confirmed Persuasion
053 Newsie Newsie Newsie 005.25 Unknown Unknown
054 Brody Mitchum Brody, Mitchum Mitchum, Brody 029.5 Unknown Unknown
055 Jackie Wilcox (deceased) Jacqueline, Wilcox Wilcox, Jacqueline 026.75 Unknown Unknown
056 Principal Marks Principal, Marks Marks, Principal 010 Unknown Unknown
057 Sheriff Davidson Sheriff, Davidson Davidson, Sheriff 020.25 Unknown Unknown
058 NYPD detective NYPD, detective Detective, NYPD 008.25 Unknown Unknown
059 NYPD cop NYPD, cop Cop, NYPD 005.25 Unknown Unknown
060 Matt Parkman Matt, Parkman Parkman, Matt 043 Confirmed Telepathy
061 Beat cop Beat, cop Cop, Beat 005 Unknown Unknown
062 Elisa Thayer Elisa, Thayer Thayer, Elisa 010 Unknown Unknown
063 Mrs. Walker (deceased) Mrs., Walker Walker, Mrs. 005 Unknown Unknown
064 Audrey Hanson Audrey, Hanson Hanson, Audrey 028 Unknown Unknown
065 James Walker (deceased) James, Walker Walker, James 005 Suspected Unknown
066 Molly Walker Molly, Walker Walker, Molly 010 Unknown Unknown
067 Emi Emi Emi 000.5 Unknown Unknown
069 Janice Parkman Janice, Parkman Parkman, Janice 028.5 Unknown Unknown
070 Detective Furakowa Detective, Furakowa Furakowa, Detective 008.25 Unknown Unknown
071 Hiro's grandfather (deceased) Hiro's grandfather Hiro's grandfather 000.25 Unknown Unknown
072 Hiro's mother Hiro's mother Hiro's mother 000.25 Unknown Unknown
073 Cape-wearing boy Cape-wearing, boy Boy, Cape-wearing 005 Unknown Unknown
074 Campaign manager Campaign manager Campaign manager 015 Unknown Unknown
075 Emily Emily Emily 005 Unknown Unknown
076 Journal female 1 Journal female 1 Journal female 1 000.5 Suspected Transportation
077 Journal female 2 Journal female 2 Journal female 2 000.5 Suspected Precognition
078 Japanese schoolgirl Japanese, schoolgirl Schoolgirl, Japanese 005.25 Unknown Unknown
079 Paulette Hawkins Paulette, Hawkins Hawkins, Paulette 005 Unknown Unknown
080 Caroline Caroline Caroline 000.5 Unknown Unknown
081 Lori Tremmel Lori, Tremmel Tremmel, Lori 010.75 Unknown Unknown
082 Linderman’s cop Linderman’s, cop Cop, Linderman’s 010 Unknown Unknown
083 Heidi Petrelli Heidi, Petrelli Petrelli, Heidi 011 Unknown Unknown
084 Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer 005 Unknown Unknown
085 Los Angeles bartender Los Angeles bartender Los Angeles bartender 005 Unknown Unknown
086 Los Angeles bar customer Los Angeles bar customer Los Angeles bar customer 005 Unknown Unknown
087 Lonely woman Lonely woman Lonely woman 005 Unknown Unknown
088 The Haitian The Haitian The Haitian 033.5 Confirmed Mental manipulation
089 NYPD officer NYPD, officer Officer, NYPD 005 Unknown Unknown
090 Sheila's mother Sheila's mother Sheila's mother 003 Unknown Unknown
091 Sheila Sheila Sheila 003 Unknown Unknown
092 Miss Sakamoto Miss, Sakamoto Sakamoto, Miss 010 Unknown Unknown
093 Linderman’s henchman Linderman’s, henchman Henchman, Linderman’s 005 Unknown Unknown
094 Medical examiner Medical examiner Medical examiner 005 Unknown Unknown
095 Roulette dealer Roulette dealer Roulette dealer 005 Unknown Unknown
096 Montecito Casino waitress Montecito Casino, waitress Waitress, Montecito Casino 005 Unknown Unknown
097 High roller High roller High roller 010 Unknown Unknown
098 Montecito guard I Montecito, guard I Guard I, Montecito 005 Unknown Unknown
099 Montecito guard II Montecito, guard II Guard II, Montecito 005 Unknown Unknown
100 High roller's thug High roller's thug High roller's thug 010 Unknown Unknown
101 Future Hiro Future Hiro, Nakamura Nakamura, Future Hiro 010.75 Confirmed Space-time manipulation
102 Emergency room doctor Emergency room, doctor Doctor, Emergency room 005 Unknown Unknown
103 Paramedic Paramedic Paramedic 005 Unknown Unknown
104 Tom McHenry Tom, McHenry McHenry, Tom 008.5 Unknown Unknown
105 LVPD detective (Hiros) LVPD, detective (Hiros) Detective, LVPD (Hiros) 005 Unknown Unknown
106 LVPD deputy LVPD, deputy Deputy, LVPD 010 Unknown Unknown
107 Convenience store robber Convenience store, robber Robber, Convenience store 005 Unknown Unknown
108 Marie Marie Marie 000.5 Unknown Unknown
109 Vincent Vincent Vincent 000.5 Unknown Unknown
110 LVPD detective LVPD, detective Detective, LVPD 003 Unknown Unknown
111 Taylor (Heroes) Taylor Taylor 003.25 Unknown Unknown
112 Warren Warren Warren 003.25 Unknown Unknown
113 Itchy Itchy Itchy 003.25 Unknown Unknown
114 Deedee Deedee Deedee 000.5 Unknown Unknown
115 LVPD cop LVPD, cop Cop, LVPD 005 Unknown Unknown
116 Money launderer (deceased) Money launderer Money launderer 003.5 Unknown Unknown
117 Lisa Lisa Lisa 010 Unknown Unknown
118 Hank Hank Hank 005 Unknown Unknown
119 Ernie (deceased) Ernie Ernie 005 Unknown Unknown
120 Lowlife (deceased) Lowlife Lowlife 005 Unknown Unknown
121 Simon Petrelli Simon, Petrelli Petrelli, Simon 005 Unknown Unknown
122 Monty Petrelli Monty, Petrelli Petrelli, Monty 005 Unknown Unknown
123 Mandy Mandy Mandy 005.5 Unknown Unknown
124 Petrelli's chef Petrelli's chef Petrelli's chef 000.5 Unknown Unknown
125 Robert Fresco Robert, Fresco Fresco, Robert 005 Unknown Unknown
126 Man in car crash Man in car crash Man in car crash 005 Unknown Unknown
127 Woman in car crash Woman in car crash Woman in car crash 005.25 Unknown Unknown
128 Oliver Dennison Oliver Dennison Dennison, Oliver 005 Unknown Unknown
129 LA hospital nurse LA hospital nurse LA hospital nurse 005 Unknown Unknown
130 Karen Sprague (deceased) Karen, Sprague Sprague, Karen 005.5 Unknown Unknown
131 Nurse Jennifer Nurse Jennifer Nurse Jennifer 005 Unknown Unknown
132 Ted Sprague Ted, Sprague Sprague, Ted 010.25 Confirmed Radioactivity
133 Armed robber Armed robber Robber, Armed 003 Unknown Unknown
134 Mohinder's mother Mohinder's mother Mohinder's mother 010 Unknown Unknown
135 Charlie Andrews (deceased) Charlie, Andrews Andrews, Charlie 016.25 Confirmed Enhanced memory
136 Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd 010.25 Unknown Unknown
137 Mira Shenoy Mira, Shenoy Shenoy, Mira 005 Unknown Unknown
138 Journal male 1 Journal male 1 Journal male 1 000.5 Suspected Tissue regeneration
139 Journal female 3 (deceased) Journal female 3 Journal female 3 000.5 Suspected Telepathy
140 Journal female 4 Journal female 4 Journal female 4 000.5 Suspected Clairvoyance
141 Journal male 2 Journal male 2 Journal male 2 000.5 Suspected Transportation
142 Journal male 3 Journal male 3 Journal male 3 000.5 Suspected Telepathy
143 Journal female 5 Journal female 5 Journal female 5 000.5 Suspected Telepathy
144 Shanti Suresh (deceased) Shanti, Suresh Suresh, Shanti 001 Suspected Unknown
145 Sanjog Iyer Sanjog, Iyer Iyer, Sanjog 010 Confirmed Dream manipulation
146 Primatech worker I Primatech worker I Primatech worker I 005 Unknown Unknown
147 Rufus Rufus Rufus 005 Unknown Unknown
148 Burnt Toast Diner waitress Burnt Toast Diner, waitress Waitress, Burnt Toast Diner 005 Unknown Unknown
149 Claire's mother Claire's mother Claire's mother 000.5 Unknown Unknown
150 Mrs. Roberts Mrs., Roberts Roberts, Mrs. 000.5 Unknown Unknown
151 Bus accident victim Bus accident victim Bus accident victim 003 Unknown Unknown
152 Jackie's friend Jackie's friend Jackie's friend 005 Unknown Unknown
153 Darlene Price Darlene, Price Price, Darlene 000.5 Unknown Unknown
154 Tamara Greer Tamara, Greer Greer, Tamara 000.5 Unknown Unknown
155 Bethany Wheelock Bethany, Wheelock Wheelock, Bethany 000.5 Unknown Unknown
156 Cynthia Acosta Cynthia, Acosta Acosta, Cynthia 000.5 Unknown Unknown
157 Jody Kidd Jody, Kidd Kidd, Jody 000.5 Unknown Unknown
158 Gun seller Gun seller Gun seller 005 Unknown Unknown
159 Highway 12 patrolman Highway 12 patrolman Patrolman, Highway 12 005 Unknown Unknown
160 Lynette Lynette Lynette 005 Unknown Unknown
161 Everyday girl Everyday girl Everyday girl 005 Unknown Unknown
162 Male student Male student Student, Male 005 Unknown Unknown
163 Vendor Vendor Vendor 005 Unknown Unknown
164 Felipe Acerra (deceased) Felipe, Acerra Acerra, Felipe 001 Confirmed Unknown
165 Byron Bevington Byron, Bevington Bevington, Byron 001 Confirmed Unknown
166 Daniel Buzzetti Daniel, Buzzetti Buzzetti, Daniel 001 Confirmed Unknown
167 Tracy Chobham Tracy, Chobham Chobham, Tracy 001 Confirmed Unknown
168 Nicholas Datre (deceased) Nicholas, Datre Datre, Nicholas 001 Confirmed Unknown
169 Paula Gramble Paula, Gramble Gramble, Paula 001 Confirmed Unknown
170 Curtis Hovsepian Curtis, Hovsepian Hovsepian, Curtis 001 Confirmed Unknown
171 Noel Menzies (deceased) Noel, Menzies Menzies, Noel 001 Confirmed Unknown
172 Penkala Burton Penkala, Burton Burton, Penkala 001 Confirmed Unknown
173 Teresa Hue Pham Teresa, Hue Pham Hue Pham, Teresa 001 Confirmed Unknown
174 David Berman David, Berman Berman, David 001 Confirmed Unknown
175 Leonie Pinkham (deceased) Leonie, Pinkham Pinkham, Leonie 001 Confirmed Unknown
176 Adam Soo Hoo Adam, Soo Hoo Soo Hoo, Adam 001 Confirmed Unknown
177 Linda Tavara (deceased) Linda, Tavara Tavara, Linda 001 Confirmed Unknown
178 Norman Ventris (deceased) Norman, Ventris Ventris, Norman 001 Confirmed Unknown
179 Sparrow Redhouse Sparrow, Redhouse Redhouse, Sparrow 001 Confirmed Unknown
180 Amid Halebi Amid, Halebi Halebi, Amid 001 Confirmed Unknown
181 Michelle Valcek Michelle, Valcek Valcek, Michelle 001 Confirmed Unknown
182 Candice Willmer Candice, Willmer Willmer, Candice 001 Confirmed Unknown
183 Harry Fletcher Harry, Fletcher Fletcher, Harry 001 Confirmed Unknown
184 Ethan Kimball (deceased) Ethan, Kimball Kimball, Ethan 001 Confirmed Unknown
185 Abu Aswan Abu, Aswan Aswan, Abu 001 Confirmed Unknown
186 Frank Cavanaugh (deceased) Frank, Cavanaugh Cavanaugh, Frank 001 Confirmed Unknown
187 Diego Velasquez (deceased) Diego, Velasquez Velasquez, Diego 001 Confirmed Unknown
188 Jess Murphy (deceased) Jess, Murphy Murphy, Jess 000.5 Confirmed Unknown
189 Sue Landers Sue, Landers Landers, Sue 000.5 Confirmed Unknown
190 Pam Green Pam, Green Green, Pam 000.5 Confirmed Unknown
191 Odessa deputy Odessa deputy Odessa deputy 005 Unknown Unknown
192 Mr. Ellis Mr., Ellis Ellis, Mr. 006 Unknown Unknown
193 Eden's stepmother (deceased) Eden's stepmother Eden's stepmother 006 Unknown Unknown
194 Eden's driver Eden's driver Eden's driver 003 Unknown Unknown
195 Ms. Gomez Ms., Gomez Gomez, Ms. 000.25 Unknown Unknown
196 Kristy Chan Kristy, Chan Chan, Kristy 000.5 Unknown Unknown
197 Hal Sanders Hal, Sanders Sanders, Hal 005 Unknown Unknown
198 District Attorney District Attorney District Attorney 000.5 Unknown Unknown
199 Jessica Sanders (Niki's sister) (deceased) Jessica, Sanders (Niki's sister) Sanders, Jessica (Niki's sister) 000.5 Unknown Unknown
200 Heidi's surgeon Heidi's surgeon Heidi's surgeon 005 Unknown Unknown
201 Yamagato employee Yamagato employee Yamagato employee 005 Unknown Unknown
202 Brian Davis (deceased) Brian, Davis Davis, Brian 005 Unknown Unknown
203 David (deceased) David David 003 Unknown Unknown
204 Sylar's decoy victim (deceased) Sylar's decoy victim Sylar's decoy victim 003 Unknown Unknown
205 Odesssa Police officer Odesssa Police officer Police officer, Odesssa 005 Unknown Unknown
206 Utah highway patrolman Utah highway patrolman Patrolman, Utah highway 005 Unknown Unknown
207 Ruth Meisner (deceased) Ruth, Meisner Meisner, Ruth 009.25 Unknown Unknown
208 Nazi soldier (deceased) Nazi soldier Nazi soldier 003 Unknown Unknown
209 Zahava Gitelman (deceased) Zahava, Gitelman Gitelman, Zahava 006.5 Unknown Unknown
210 Hana Gitelman Hana, Gitelman Gitelman, Hana 012 Confirmed Digital communication
211 Abd-al-Hadi Abd-al, Hadi Hadi, Abd-al 000.25 Unknown Unknown
212 IDF enlisting officer IDF enlisting officer IDF enlisting officer 003 Unknown Unknown
213 Hana's psychologist Hana's psychologist Hana's psychologist 003 Unknown Unknown
214 Mr. Thompson Mr. Thompson Mr., Thompson 000.25 Unknown Unknown
215 Henry Strauss Henry, Strauss Strauss, Henry 003.25 Unknown Unknown
216 Embassy employee Embassy employee Embassy employee 003 Unknown Unknown
217 Dorothy Dorothy Dorothy 003 Unknown Unknown