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User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Issue 1 - Discoveries Pt.1

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  • Angela's ability begins to manifest
  • Angela and Alice visit the old quarry
  • Angela has a cycling accident



“Come on, just follow me!”

“I can’t do it banana, it’s too high!”

“Just keep pedalling Alice, you can do it.”

“No, no I can’t.”

“Fine. Just watch then.”

“Banana NO, IT’S TOO HIGH!”

“Agghh, my leg...”


Angela awoke suddenly, heart pounding, gasping for air. What had just happened? It was a dream yet it was so vivid. What were these feelings, these emotions that she felt inside? It felt so strong, so over powering, so……… real.

Thoughts raced through Angela’s mind; over and over she considered the possibilities. “How? It was so real, I felt it, and then in an instant it was gone, as if it had never happened”. What did this mean? Was it a vision, a sign from a higher power or just the wild imagination of a teenage girl?

As the sun began to rise the thoughts of the events that occurred began fading from Angela’s mind as if it were but a distant dream, gone, but not forgotten.

“Banana, come on I’ve been waiting for half an hour!” cried Alice.

“Huh? Oh yeah! I promised to take you out today, sorry, I almost forgot. So what do you want to do?” asked Angela.

“Well I thought we’d already planned to go cycling? Or did you forget?” replied Alice.

Out of nowhere a storm appeared in the sky, swirling like a never-ending whirlpool with rain falling from the centre, drenching the ground below. How strange it was that a storm of this magnitude would appear out of nowhere, without any warning. Angela took one look out of the window then turned away, attempting to block out the commotion occurring outside.

“I didn’t forget, I just had a bad night. We’ll go cycling as soon as this weather clears up.”

And, as if by magic, it did. The rain suddenly stopped and the clouds began to dissipate. What were the odds of the weather clearing up so quickly? It seemed like strange happenings were becoming a regular occurrence around the Shaw household. Angela and Alice set out minutes later, they began heading down towards the old quarry. Angela had always promised to take Alice to see the quarry but never seemed to find time for her little sister; prom was only a few months away after all. They cycled for miles before reaching the quarry; it was a great sight, dunes of old rocks and lint, tower high all around.

“Alice, let’s go cycle over some of the smaller dunes, it’ll be fun.”

“Ok” replied Alice.

All thoughts of the previous night’s dream had left Angela’s mind and there was only one thing on her mind, and that thing was almost three meters high!

“Come on Alice, let’s jump this one!”

“It look’s a bit high banana.”

“Come on, just follow me!”

“I can’t do it banana, it’s too high!” whimpered Alice.

“Just keep pedalling Alice, you can do it.”

“No, no I can’t.”

“Fine. Just watch then.”

“Banana NO, IT’S TOO HIGH!”

As Angela raced through the air she realised, wait a minute, this is my dream, this is what happened in my dream, and it came true. At that precise moment her bicycle seemed to fly straight from under her and she was thrown back into the dune, cutting open the bottom of her leg.

“Agghh, my leg…..” cried Angela.

“I told you!!” shouted Alice.

“Agh. I think we’re going to have bigger things to worry about than a flesh wound.”

Character Appearances

Discoveries Pt.1
Volume: One
Issue: 01-01
First aired: 14 October, 2009
Snow falls.jpg
Written by: Jenx222
Story by: Jenx222
Edited by: Mc hammark
Next issue: Discoveries Pt.2


  • Alice used her ability without her even realising
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