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User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Issue 2 - Discoveries Pt.2

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  • Angela attempts to come to terms with her ability
  • Angela has another vision in which she meets Chandra Suresh
  • Dr Suresh finds Angela



One month later…

Over the past few weeks Angela had been contemplating the events that had occurred at the quarry. It was impossible that a person could know what was going to happen before it actually happens. It’s not natural for someone to see the future; it’s against all the laws of physics.

Angela sat in her room for hours at an end trying to make sense of what was happening to her.

“Banana, come out of your room.”

“No, just leave me alone Alice!”

“You can’t stay in here forever!”

“Just watch me!”

Why was this happening to me? Am I the only person who is “different” from everyone else or are there others out there?

Angela lay on her bed, staring up at the ceiling, slowly drifting asleep.


“Well we would like you to spend a few weeks with us, just to run some tests, so we can try to analyse this ability you have”

“Do I have to go on my own?”

“No, no. Your family can come with you, we would actually like to study them as well. You see we have gathered some evidence that abilities are hereditary, meaning your family could have them without even knowing.”

“Wow, so I’m not the only one then?”

“Oh no Angela, there are many like you, but each individual has a different ability. Of course there are some who have the same or similar abilities.”

“Cool, so when do we leave?”

“The bus for Coyote Sands will be here to pick you up on Friday, so be ready and only pack the things you need.”


“Alright then, I’ll see you on Friday.”

“Yes, thank you, we’ll see you Friday Doctor Suresh.”


Angela awoke suddenly. Another dream or vision, whatever you call it. They're so vivid and detailed. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not anymore.

At this point Angela realised, she wasn’t normal, she was special. Was this ability a blessing or a curse? Either way, Angela didn’t want it. Now the only problem is getting rid of it, and this doctor Suresh seems to be the only person who knows something about it.

"Ok, just calm down Angela, you can handle this." So, what I just dreamt will happen. When? Is there some sort of range on this or what?

WAIT, Friday? That man said the bus would be coming on Friday. If it happened on Thursday then he would have said it would be coming tomorrow, but its Wednesday today that would mean…

Knock, Knock.

He’s here!

Character Appearances

Discoveries Pt.2
Volume: One
Issue: 01-02
First aired: 21 October, 2009
Written by: Jenx222
Story by: Jenx222
Edited by: Mc hammark
Previous issue: Discoveries Pt.1
Next issue: Control


  • Chandra Suresh only appears in a vision but is heard knocking on the door in the ending
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