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Black Bear of Sakashita

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Black Bear of Sakashita
Black Bear of Sakashita.jpg
First appearance The Trial of the Black Bear
In-story stats
Known ability None
Gender Question symbol green.PNG
Home Japan
Occupation Guardian of a map to Whitebeard's fortress
Child A bear cub

The Black Bear of Sakashita guards the map to Whitebeard's fortress.


Graphic Novel:The Trial of the Black Bear

Takezo Kensei and Hiro, discover the map scroll with information on the Hidden Fortress of White Beard being guarded by a small bear on a large rock. Believing the bear to be the Black Bear of Sakashita, Kensei draws his sword and lunges at the animal. As he gets closer he finds a much larger bear behind the rock. The larger bear threatens Kensei and chases him as he runs away. With the large bear gone, Hiro plucks the scroll out of the paws of the smaller bear and cheers. He tells Kensei that he can come out of hiding now, but Kensei is still being chased by the large bear.

Heroes Evolutions

Sword Saint

In Chapter 3, "The Trial of the Hidden Fortress", the year documented is 1671. Professor Karen Chamberlin documents that Takezo Kensei must find the missing piece to White Beard's map, which the Black Bear of Sakashita is guarding. The bear is said to be ten to thirty feet tall, depending on the version of the legend. In some versions, the bear breathes fire like a dragon. In others, the bear is a living shadow incapable of being cut with a sword. Regardless of the bear's description, Kensei is the victor.


  • In a deleted scene from the Season 2 DVD, Hiro and Kensei return from battling the bear and bring back a piece of the map to Whitebeard's camp. However, they only bring back half of the map, then Hiro freezes time and teleports back to get the other half. Kensei comments about the bear, saying "that man is a monster".


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