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Drew Pierce

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Drew Pierce
Drew Pierce.jpg
Title Special effects coordinator
Date of birth 1974
Origin Indiana, USA
Gender Male
IMDb profile

Drew Pierce is the special effects coordinator for some of the webisodes.


Drew Pierce is the founder of Cutthroat Studio, and often works alongside Erika Berube and Cristina Waltz. Drew has spent most of his life creating creatures and effects. He began mixing fake blood in his basement as a teenager and has come up with a rich, non-staining recipe that can be customized to any shade of blood red. He calls his creation Bad Blood, and it can go in your mouth, wash out of your clothes, and even dry like real blood.

Drew got his big break when the production team of Grey's Anatomy began using Bad Blood by the pint, and asked him to create "Buckets of Bowels" and other makeup- and prosthetics-related special effects. His work has also been seen on CSI: Miami, The Shield, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and American Misfits.


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Erika Berube (special effects makeup) • Adam Breuchaud (hair & makeup) • Lisa Marie DeRoma (hair and makeup) • R.J. McCasland (key makeup) • Drew Pierce (special effects coordinator) • Abby Roll (hair stylist) • Cristina Waltz (special effects makeup)

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