This wiki is a XML full dump clone of "Heroes Wiki", the main wiki about the Heroes saga that has been shut down permanently since June 1, 2020. The purpose of this wiki is to keep online an exhaustive and accurate database about the franchise.

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Since the shutdown of the main wiki on June 1, 2020, the administrators' list below is no longer accurate. It has been left here for history. If necessary, contact LIMAFOX76, who made this XML dump, on his talk page.

Former Heroes Wiki administrators:

  • Admin (Contact Admin)
    • Admin founded Heroes Wiki in October 2006 and is responsible for administering the server and MediaWiki software. Admin also handles advertising and public relations with other sites.
  • Level (Contact Level)
    • Level joined Heroes Wiki in November 2006 and was added to the patrollers group in February 2008. He was made an administrator in August 2015. Level likes doing research and making lists and tables.
  • Radicell (Contact Radicell)
    • Radicell joined in December 2007, became an active member in October 2008, and was made an administrator in October 2009. Radicell is interested in day-to-day editing and general quality control.
  • RyanGibsonStewart (Contact RyanGibsonStewart)
    • RyanGibsonStewart joined Heroes Wiki in November 2006 and was made an administrator in December 2006 as the site's continued growth necessitated a larger staff to administer. He frequently verifies difficult to obtain information on Heroes production staff directly with the staff to ensure complete and accurate information on them. This ability became infinitely easier when Ryan was hired to be a digital writer for Heroes, even creating content in the Heroes world. Ryan also handles public relations with other sites as well as with Heroes staff, especially after he conducts interviews with cast and crew members.

Contacting an Administrator

To leave a message directed at any or all administrators, add your message here. If you would like to leave a message for a specific administrator, click on one of the contact links above.


The primary responsibilities of an administrator are to:

  1. Handle article/file deletion requests according to the deletion policy
  2. Appropriately deal with acts of vandalism
  3. Appropriately deal with revert wars
  4. Assign new patrollers

Vandalism is the intentional malicious modification of a page. Examples include blanking out pages or inserting inflammatory comments. If someone inserts incorrect information onto a page, it's not inherently vandalism even if it affects a large number of pages.

Minor acts of vandalism that are not on-going should be dealt with by notifying the user on their talk page. If the vandalism continues, a ban may be placed on the user.

Major acts of vandalism such as maliciously blanking or inserting inflammatory messages on a large number of pages may be dealt with by an infinite ban, at an administrator's discretion.

Revert wars may arise from time to time when there's a differing opinion on content or how the content should be displayed. When you see a revert war appear to begin, encourage discussion of the changes on the article's talk page. Try to reach a consensus or a compromise.

Patrollers are members of the community who are able to mark individual edits to articles as having been "patrolled". This is a way to help ensure that edits are reviewed for basic correctness and helps catch obvious mistakes as early as possible. Administrators can designate someone as a patroller by adding the user to the "Patrollers" group using the user rights management page. Patrollers are chosen by administrators based on a candidate's experience distinguishing between edits that are appropriate and edits that should be changed.

Persuade, don't dictate. An administrator's opinion on an article doesn't inherently carry any more weight than anyone else's opinion. Respect the decisions of the community even if you don't agree with them personally. In the end this is just a wiki, don't take anything personally. :)

Remain civil. As an administrator even though your opinions carry the same weight, you're still held to a higher standard. With great power comes great responsibility afterall. Try to set a good example.

Be careful when deleting files. Most files for the localized versions of Heroes Wiki are located on the English site and the list of articles that link to that file will not include articles from the other localizations. When in doubt check the localized versions individually and make sure none of them are still using the file before deleting it. Having extra files doesn't hurt, but deleting one that's still in use does.

All administrators should add the administrator portal to their watchlist to be alerted to any issues that require the attention of an administrator.


  1. On differences pages and user contributions pages, there's a link to rollback edits. This link doesn't let the administrator provide a comment and it rolls back all sequential edits by the last editor, but the link on contribs is useful for mass vandalism. Administrators who use Firefox or another tabbed browser can just keep the tab with the contribs open and open the rollback link for each of the vandal's edits in a new tab (CTRL-click for Firefox or IE7). Using this method, major vandalism can be reverted in a matter of minutes. Nothing is quite as disheartening to a vandal.
  2. If an article is moved to an existing redirect, the history is moved, too (it shows up as moved "over redirect" in recent changes). If a vandal's actions include moving pages, this method works very well, provided the administrator works backwards through any moves. (Unneeded redirects should be deleted when finished.)
  3. On Recent Changes, "hide patrolled edits" will hide edits by administrators and edits that have been approved by administrators or patrollers. It is still recommended to review all changes to the wiki, but this makes it faster when there have been many recent changes.
  4. As for patrolling edits: clicking the "mark as patrolled" link (or pressing Alt+Shift+P in Firefox) on a difference (diff) page (or a new article page), the red exclamation point will go away and the article won't appear in the aforementioned view on Recent Changes. This makes it easy to see what has already been checked for basic correctness by an administrator or patroller.