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First appearance Doyle
In-story stats
Known ability Laser emission
Date of death March 21, 2007
Occupation Agent of the Company

Michael was an agent working for the Company.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Doyle

Around the time of Eden's death, Michael serves an imprisoned Eric Doyle his meal. While there, Michael demonstrates his ability and kills a cockroach with it. He and Doyle both agree upon the unfair treatment of the company, but Michael says he will not go against them from fear of their power. Months later, minutes after Elle accidentally frees all the level 5 prisoners, Michael catches Doyle and tells him to stop, threatening him with his ability. Doyle rapidly takes control of Michael and forces him to kill himself with his ability. A grinning Doyle escapes alongside the other eleven Level 5 prisoners.

Evolved Human Abilities

Michael had the power of creating blue lasers. Within Eric's cell, Michael used his ability to zap a cockroach crawling along the floor. Michael's control and mastery over this ability seemed to be reflected in both accuracy and confidence of its usage.


  • Michael was not immune to his own powers.

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