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Morgan Harvey

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Morgan Harvey
First appearance Slow Burn
Debut November 16, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Empathic manipulation
Age 24
Home New York City, NY
Occupation Psychologist

Morgan Harvey is a evolved human who is being blackmailed by The Watcher. She has the ability to change the emotions of others through touch.


Morgan was brought into Primatech at an early age when her parents were mysteriously killed. She grew up to become a psychologist to study the minds of those with powers for the Company.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Slow Burn

In chapter 8 of Slow Burn, The Watcher calls Morgan, angry that she has not found anything on Gabriel Gray. She responds that she asked everyone she knew with abilities about him, and even a few who didn't. When he tells her it doesn't matter anymore, she asks why he keeps tormenting her. He then tells her to come to him, planning to use their abilities together. She gives in, and asks where to go.

Evolved Human Abilities

Morgan has the ability to alter others emotions and feelings after physically touching them.


  • The character of Morgan was chosen from the characters in the Heroes: Survival game to appear in an iStory.

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