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Screencaps for
New Episodes
The following screencaps are needed for each new episode:
Caps needed Size in pixels
Episode title
Episode image
New characters
New things
New events
New groups
New locations
New places
All powers used
All Symbols
New paintings
New prophecies
Any realizations
Full size

This page is used to track requested screen captures.


Before you request an image, be sure to check the image category for the episode to see if a suitable image already exists. Links to the image categories for each episode and graphic novel are available at the bottom of this page.

Requesters: To leave a request, add an item to the list, stating the scene, episode or graphic novel, and requested size or intended use (so the uploader can size the image appropriately). Be sure to list "the desired location" of where the screen-cap, once found, should be placed.

Uploaders: Post a link to the uploaded image just below the request using the {{screencap}} template like this: {{screencap|Hiro_Uluru_OTP.jpg}}. Also be sure to use the {{image-screenshot}} template on the uploaded image.

Users: If you place an image from the requested list in an article, delete the request from the Requested Screen Captures section, and delete the picture from the Completed Screen Captures section. If several images were uploaded and you end up using only one version, be sure to mark the others for deletion by assigning them to Category:Articles for Deletion.

Standard Image Sizes

When uploading a request, be sure to use the standard image size to match the intended use:

Standard Image Sizes
Image Type Size
Character, Cast and Crew, and Animal portraits 200×250 pixels
(if intended for use in a sidebar or portal)
Episode Images 300×169 pixels (300 wide at 16:9 aspect ratio)
(if intended for use in a sidebar or portal)
Episode Title Images 650×365
Fan Creations Images
Graphic Novel Images
Groups Images
Location Images
Place Images
Powers Images
Events Images
Items Images
Symbols Images
References Images
Recurring Themes Images
450×350 pixels
(if intended for use in a sidebar or portal)
Artwork Images Full size and aspect ratio for all paintings
300×200 for use on the Prophecy article
Comicbook Cover Images 692x450
Images for use in galleries which will not be used in a sidebar or portal may be any size and aspect ratio.

However, maintaining a standard size of 450x350 will give all images the most utility.

Requested Screen Captures


  • Eden using her powers on Matt, from Six Months Ago , for the powers article <--REQUEST
  • Powers_eden.jpg

Images from Brave New World (Heroes Reborn)

Images from Dark Matters

Miscellaneous Requests

Images to Reupload

The following images need to be reuploaded due to quality, size, aspect ratio, watermark, or other concerns:

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