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Season One

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In recent days, a seemingly random group of individuals has emerged with what can only be described as "special" abilities. Although unaware of it now, these individuals will not only save the world, but change it forever. This transformation from ordinary to extraordinary will not occur overnight. Every story has a beginning. Volume One of their epic tale begins here...

The first season of Heroes begins on the day of a solar eclipse. Various people throughout the world discover they have super-human abilities. One man, Mohinder Suresh uncovers his father's secret theory of a new leap forward in human evolution. Some people discover they can fly, change the space-time continuum, heal rapidly, paint the future, and read people's minds among others. How they got their powers is a mystery. How they will use their powers is up to them. One thing, however, is known; their ultimate destiny is nothing less than saving the world…

Volume One: Genesis

The first volume of Heroes aired during the entirety of Season One.


Don't Look Back
One Giant Leap
Better Halves
Nothing to Hide
Seven Minutes to Midnight

Six Months Ago
The Fix

Company Man
Five Years Gone
The Hard Part
How to Stop an Exploding Man

Chapter One — Genesis
Original Air Date: 25 September 20061
Events are set in motion as a total eclipse casts its shadow across the globe and a genetics professor uncovers his father's secret research revealing that people with super powers are living among us.
Chapter Two — Don't Look Back
Original Air Date: 2 October 2006
Discovering new abilities, Matt Parkman listens in on a girl's thoughts, Niki finds unexpected assistance and is on the run with Micah, Claire deals with high school life after a seemingly deadly fall, and Hiro investigates New York.
Chapter Three — One Giant Leap
Original Air Date: 9 October 2006
Claire comes under attack by a high school quarterback, Hiro looks for support from Ando, and Niki makes a gruesome discovery.
Chapter Four — Collision
Original Air Date: 16 October 2006
Individuals have the possibility to connect with one another as Mohinder puts the final clues to their whereabouts, but will it be too late for the cheerleader?
Chapter Five — Hiros
Original Air Date: 23 October 2006
The consequences of the peoples' abilities become more evident as Matt reads his wife's thoughts, Hiro is attacked by Las Vegas casino personnel, and Niki loses track of time.
Chapter Six — Better Halves
Original Air Date: 30 October 2006
Niki comes face-to-face with her husband, D.L., and Peter relays a life-saving message to Hiro.
Chapter Seven — Nothing to Hide
Original Air Date: 6 November 2006
Relationships are at risk as Matt brushes aside his wife to join the hunt for Sylar, Claire discovers where her missing tape has gone, Nathan strategizes with his family, and Niki confides her "secret" to a friend.
Chapter Eight — Seven Minutes to Midnight
Original Air Date: 13 November 2006
Determined to lead a normal life, Claire focuses on Homecoming, and Mohinder returns to India to bury his father.
Chapter Nine — Homecoming
Original Air Date: 20 November 2006
The time to save the cheerleader has arrives, and one night could change the fates of Claire, H.R.G, Peter...and the world.
Chapter Ten — Six Months Ago
Original Air Date: 27 November 2006
Time jumps back to reveal Mohinder's father in New York, Claire's startling discovery, and a legal case that could have dire implications for the entire Petrelli family.
Chapter Eleven — Fallout
Original Air Date: 4 December 2006
Isaac's paintings reveal more about the predicted New York nuclear bombing, Mohinder takes the first steps in his new path, and Niki makes a tough decision to protect her son.
Chapter Twelve — Godsend
Original Air Date: 22 January 2007
As Claire faces the consequences of her deal with the Haitian, and as Hiro and Ando set out to find a samurai sword, one new Hero makes a shocking debut.
Chapter Thirteen — The Fix
Original Air Date: 29 January 2007
New faces appear to teach people with abilities as Hiro talks business with his father, Claire searches for her biological parents, and Peter tries to learn from an invisible man.
Chapter Fourteen — Distractions
Original Air Date: 5 February 2007
Family bonds are put to the test as Hiro struggles to make his father understand his new path, Niki makes a choice regarding her future with D.L. and Micah, and Sylar visits the Bennet home.
Chapter Fifteen — Run!
Original Air Date: 12 February 2007
Mohinder meets a dangerous new Hero, Matt comes under fire from Linderman's newest assassin, and the identity of Claire's biological father is revealed.
Chapter Sixteen — Unexpected
Original Air Date: 19 February 2007
Matt joins forces with a "wireless" Hero and a radioactive man, Claire strikes out at her father, and Peter learns of a painful betrayal.
Chapter Seventeen — Company Man
Original Air Date: 26 February 2007
H.R.G.'s shocking past is revealed, and Claire's home life is changed forever after a terrible explosion.
Chapter Eighteen — Parasite
Original Air Date: 5 March 2007
Terrible glimpses of the future put everybody at unease, as Linderman is revealed and Isaac paints his most terrifying painting yet.
Chapter Nineteen — .07%
Original Air Date: 23 April 2007
Sylar's rampage continues with Mohinder's unwitting assistance, and Hiro resolves to "save the world" when faced with a grim reality.
Chapter Twenty — Five Years Gone
Original Air Date: 30 April 2007
Hiro and Ando teleport into the future to find that people with extraordinary abilities are being killed as "terrorists."
Chapter Twenty-One — The Hard Part
Original Air Date: 7 May 2007
As Nathan prepares for the election, Hiro and Ando's determination to save the world is truly put to the test.
Chapter Twenty-Two — Landslide
Original Air Date: 14 May 2007
Nathan reflects on the cost of becoming a member of Congress, and Peter and Claire try to leave New York City before the explosion.
Chapter Twenty-Three — How to Stop an Exploding Man
Original Air Date: 21 May 2007
Isaac's shocking predictions unfold in Kirby Plaza, where the brave heroes face pain and peril.

1 25 September 2006 was when the episode appeared on network television. It first appeared on 21 September 2006 on iTunes.



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