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First appearance Trial By Fire
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home New York, NY
Residence Sheila's home
Parent Mother (unnamed)

Sheila is a young woman who is rescued from an apartment fire by Nathan Petrelli.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Trial By Fire

Nathan Petrelli is walking through New York City when he comes across an apartment building fire. Although firefighters are already working to put out the blaze, a woman yells that her daughter is trapped on the fourth floor. Reasoning that the firefighters will never reach the girl in time, Nathan flies up and in through a window. He locates Sheila, wraps her in his trenchcoat, and flies her to safety in a back alley. As he slips off, Sheila's mother runs to her. Sheila explains her rescue and notices a campaign button on Nathan's jacket. She comments that she was planning to vote for Nathan's opponent.

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