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Held by: Valerie,
Ability to: Teleport things to each other, and phase and merge with each other

Shifting is the ability to teleport anything from person to person, and phase between and merge two people.



The twins, Valerie and Victor, are capable of instantly teleporting anything up to person-size to each other. When demonstrating this capability for Anna Korolenko, Valerie approaches her and touches her on the shoulder. Suddenly, everything shifts for Anna and she materializes on the opposite side of the room, but with Victor's hand on her shoulder. According to Linda Niles, they once passed a whole family from Pennsylvania to California in thirty seconds, so they can use their ability even at great distance. Linda also notes that they get irritable if they are kept apart for too long. Anna also notes that Valerie and Victor often move as one person, and witnessed that they can phase through each other and become one person.


  • Anna witnesses the pretend-Siamese twins, Valerie and Victor, unmerge from each other, leaving Valerie wearing their outer clothes, and Victor standing in his underwear. Later, Valerie steps back into Victor such that their shoulders pass through each other. (Chapter 9 of The Agent)
  • When Valerie touches Anna's shoulder, everything suddenly shifts for Anna and she finds herself sitting across the room with Victor touching her shoulder. (Chapter 10 of The Agent)


  • In Interview:iStory follow up, writer Tom Inkel was asked whether Victor and Valerie being twins was related to their ability. He replied that "Victor is sort of Valerie's parasitic twin... taken up a couple levels. Being "phased-together" might even be considered their natural state. Another way to consider it: they can act as one person in terms of their interaction with the physical world. Their phasing ability and item-swapping ability are really the same thing."

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