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Sound absorption

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Sound absorption
Sound absorption.jpg
An agent seems to be immune against Echo's sonic attacks.
Held by: Agent
Ability to: Absorb and nullify sound waves

Sound absorption is the ability to use one's own body to absorb sound waves, nullifying their effects.



According to the agent, his body absorbs all sound waves, enabling him to be immune to all their effects. While he was immune against Echo's amplified sound waves, he is also permanently deaf, suggesting that he can't completely "turn off" his ability.

It is unknown as to whether the ability affects the agent's ability to speak. The agent communicates to Echo using an interpreter to translate his own sign language. While in the same room as the agent and Echo, the interpreter is able to use his voice to speak to Echo, so the agent's ability may not be able to affect other people's ability to communicate with each other.


  • According to an interview with Yule Caise, sound absorption also allows the agent to move and attack silently.

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