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Heroes Wiki would like to wish the following members of the cast and crew who were born in August a happy birthday:
Season One Cast: %TITLE%, 17 August%TITLE%, 28 August 1975%TITLE%, 16 August 1955%TITLE%, 8 August 1976%TITLE%, 29 August 1965%TITLE%, 15 August 1993%TITLE%, 15 August 1969%TITLE%, and
Season Two Cast: %TITLE%, 11 August 1950%TITLE%, 2 August 1945%TITLE%, 13 August 1963%TITLE%, 28 August 1978%TITLE%, 30 August 1988%TITLE%, 12 August 1943%TITLE%, 12 August%TITLE%, and &#x0020
Season Three Cast: %TITLE%, 10 August 1981%TITLE%, 7 August 1944%TITLE%, 13 August 1986%TITLE%, 13 August 1971%TITLE%, and
Webisodes Cast: %TITLE%, 2 August 1962%TITLE%, and &#x0020
Series Crew: %TITLE%, 4 August 1970%TITLE%, 25 August 1939%TITLE%, 25 August 1981%TITLE%, 27 August 1976%TITLE%, 13 August 1958%TITLE%, 9 August 1977%TITLE%, 30 August 1974%TITLE%, 12 August 1970%TITLE%, and 26 January 1964 (Wendy Melvoin)
17 August 1960
Graphic Novel Crew: %TITLE%, 25 August 1981%TITLE%, 19 August 1969%TITLE%, 29 August 1974%TITLE%, 27 August 1965%TITLE%, 20 August 1976%TITLE%, 15 August%TITLE%, and
Webisodes Crew: %TITLE%, 1 August 1970%TITLE%, 31 August 1966%TITLE%, and
Countdown Crew: %TITLE% and
For a complete listing of cast and crew members' dates of birth, see cast and crew birthdays.


Note to users: This is an automated list for use on the Current events page; to add/modify a birthday, edit the DOB attribute on the desired cast/crew member's page. Birthdays of deceased actors and crew are automatically excluded as appropriate.