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This is a link template that uses DPL to provide a link for the specified Heroes-related title with subtitle, if any. By default, appends subtitle after a colon and space as is standard for NBC and other style guidelines; but an option is available to use a semicolon instead of a colon. The list of titles used in this template are listed in {{ep}}. Options are also available to use the namespace format like {{epn}} or parentheses format like {{epp}}. Note: this function uses 2 DPL calls to get the data. The parsing is done using the subtemplate {{eps/subtitle}}.


|<!--identifier listed in {{ep}}-->
|<!--optional format specification; default is {{ep}} format-->
|semi=<!--set true for semi-colon instead of the default colon-->


Due to DPL restrictions on recursion, examples cannot be provided in the same article as the template itself so are provided on the related talk page instead.