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Template:Infobox group

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Infobox group


Produces a right-floated infobox for articles referring to groups in the Heroes series.


  • If the image value is left blank, the template will auto-add the {{noimage}} template to the top of the page.
  • If the box name is set by the Article title, and the text will automatically be converted into a reference. If not, the value will display as normal (non-linked) text. The group article is expected to belong to Category:Named Groups or Category:Unnamed Groups.
{{Infobox group
| image = <!--Image link-->
| caption = <!-- Caption for image -->
| location = <!-- Location where the group is based -->
| purpose = <!-- Purpose of the group -->
| debut = <!-- Where group first appeared -->
| mention = <!-- Where group was first mentioned.  Use for groups which have not debuted. -->
| leaders = <!-- links to group's leader(s) -->
| members = <!-- links to group's members -->
| sites = <!-- links to group's sites -->
| gear = <!--links to group's equipment -->
| spoiler = <!-- "true" for spoiler warning and colors -->