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Produces linked images for Portal Pages.


Variable Notes
size Dictates the size of the Portal box. Value should be "big" or "small". If not specified, defaults to "big".
image The image used in the box. Do not use Image: prefix
link The destination of the Portal box
lines The number of lines of text for which the box should be sized. Default is 2.
text The linked text shown in the Portal box
smalltext If the size of the box is "small", this text will be shown instead. If smalltext is Empty, values in text will be substituted.
unlinkedtext This text will not appear as linked text in the character box.
smallnonlinktext This text will not appear as linked text in the small character box.
deceased Anything if true.
catlink OPTIONAL alternate link to use when portal is included in a Category page
related OPTIONAL name of related articles page