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This is a label

{{pushpin | color=red | link=This is a pushpin | left=40 | top=40 | label=y | override=This is a label | labelwidth=85px}}

{{pushpin | color=lime | link=Louisiana | left=120 | top=120 | label=y | override=This one links to Louisiana | labelleft=-60 | labelwidth=60px}}

{{pushpin | color=fuchsia | link=This one has no label and no link | left=180 | top=180}}

{{pushpin | color=cyan | link=Claire Bennet | left=180 | top=30}}

{{pushpin | color=yellow | link=Claire Bennet | left=10 | top=70 | label=y}}


Creates a colored dot which links to an article. For use on Template:Locationmap.

To prevent overlap, pushpins should be used left to right, top to bottom within the image map. This will prevent very close pushpins from blocking one another's links.

Option Purpose Example
color= Pushpin color Green, #CCC, #CCCCCC
link= Article name of location New York, NY
left= Left coordinate 264
top= Top coordinate 210
label= OPTIONAL Labels the pushpin anything
override= OPTIONAL Text override for label NYC
labeltop= OPTIONAL Top coordinate for label relative to pin 10
labelleft= OPTIONAL Left coordinate for label relative to pin 10
labelwidth= OPTIONAL Force width of label 100px