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Adding Theories:

To add a new theory to an existing theory table, simply add a new row to the theory:

  1. Edit the appropriate Theory article.
  2. Go to the end of the table, denoted by |}.
  3. Insert a new line between the last row, denoted by |-, and the end of the table.
  4. Add cells for the three columns:
    1. Type a single pipe followed by the theory.
    2. On the same line, type a double pipe and the evidence.
    3. On the same line, type a double pipe and any additional information.
    4. On a new line, type a new final row mark consisting of a pipe and a dash.
  5. Preview your changes, add an edit summary and save your changes.

Your entry should look like the following (existing text is in blue, your entries are in red):


| [[Peter]] is [[Uluru]]. || None || {{plus}}''Peter'' comes from the Latin ''petra'' which means ''rock''. Uluru is a rock monster.

  • Citations should refer to specific scenes in episodes or graphic novels.
  • Cite the source in parentheses and italics like this: (''[[Episode:Genesis|Genesis]]'')
Remove theories:
  • if proven false or impossible
  • if proven true
  • Use {{plus}}, {{minus}}, and {{note}} in the Notes column to denote evidence for, evidence against, and general information respectively.
  • Precede each {{plus}}, {{minus}}, and {{note}} with a <br />.
  • If evidence is incorrect, simply remove it or address it on the discussion page.
General guidelines:
  • Do not respond to theories on this page. Use the discussion page instead.
  • Avoid the first person.
  • Link to existing articles once per theory.
  • Do not add personal comments or sign your edits.
  • Do not include spoilers as citations or support for a particular theory; theories about spoilers should reside solely on spoiler articles.