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Trish Wellington
Portrayed by "Katie Cassidy" (likeness)
In-story stats
Known ability Hypnotic Touch
Alias Abby Turner
Nickname Trishy
Age 23
Home Florida,
Formerly Washington D.C
Occupation Secretary
Significant other Thomas Reed (fiancée)

Trish Wellington is an evolved human who was given a new life by Rebel during the government operation. Going by the name Abby Turner, Trish is now happily engaged to the love of her life. She has the ability to alter your thoughts after physically touching you.

Character History


Trish discovered her hypnotic ability when she was 20 years old and began to practice on it every day. She began with small decisions, such as changing her roommates mind on what clothes to wear eventually moving on to more difficult decisions such as who a person is attracted to. During the government roundup, Trish began to live her life on the run up until she was aided and relocated by Rebel. She took the name Abby Turner and fell in love with a man named Thomas Reed. Never using her ability on him, Trish decided to stay in her new life so she could marry Thomas. They are to be wed next summer. Trish still maintains contact with several friends she made while on the run but declines most offers to meet up, as she is scared of the risk of exposure.

Evolved Human Abilities

Trish is able to alter the decisions and/or thoughts of others after physically touching them. One she touches a person she is able to vocally or mentally control their actions for a limited amount of time.