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Toni Protagonist
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Powers Very big memory!
Sex Female
Age 19
Date of birth 12.12.1987
Home St. Pete, FL, USA
Occupation Cashier/Aspiring artist/writer/best swordfighter in the world ;)
Favorite Heroes quote "Don't I deserve to be saved, too?"
Favorite color Black and hot pink
Favorite episode Parasite
Favorite graphic novel Road Kill
Favorite character Peter Petrelli/Claire Bennet/Sylar/Mohinder Suresh
Favorite power Hiro's :P

Who Is AcidBurn133?

Name: Toni
DOB: 12.12.1987
Location: St. Petersburg (Florida, not Russia... though I am part Russian!)
Likes: Heroes, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Learning new things, Spending time with my friends.
Dislikes: Ignorance. Racism. Evilness. Angela Petrelli. Linderman. My job.
Ambitions: To join the U.S. Navy, travel, go to art school, and, if all else fails, I'd love to be an English teacher in another country.
Interesting Facts:
-I'm left handed
-I speak French.
-I'm learning Japanese.
-In addition to Heroes, I'm a die-hard Star Wars and Tomb Raider fan!
-I'm a Heroes fan first, but after that, I'm a HUGE Heroes fangirl! lol. Peter Petrell, Isaac Mendez, Mohinder Suresh, and Sylar=<3. ^_^

My Sites

Life Or Something Like It - my bloggings!
AcidBurn133 on DeviantArt!