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Autobot Hawkeye
Portrayed by Carl Gordon II
Powers Observation, supermemory, anything that ends in "vision"
Alias Hawkeye
Age 15
Date of birth On a year with a month and a day.
Occupation Super awsomeness creator of a well known show, Supers!!!! (not related to heroes)
Parents H.A.L. (deceased), Hawkgirl


Please respect my page. dont be profane, i dont want to get kicked off at school I am in high school so i am not immature nor annoyingly wrong,(meaning if i am wrong I won't be ignorant if someone corrects me). I only have a little time to edit daily many mistakes. Also mispelled movies porpousful, copyright laws. Feel free to argue, just not agressively (and please support evedince to back up your side).

An Invisable Thread

Peter could got his empathy back (from Sylar). He could copy Hiros ability (if he can with out getting the side effect), teleport back in time look like Nathen and take Nathen to a safe place.--Hawkeye 13:05, 28 April 2009 (EDT) When will volume 5 redemption begin?

Something wrong?

may just be me but plot and plot twists seem different even sketchy for season 1,2,& volume 3, any writers replaced?4 month ago episode replaced w/ b&w flash backs,more tomorrow have to go soon, graphic novel charactors appear in episodes, adam just died like that,poof, hiros not himself, and more. Please explain, different writers? sprints webisodes more Also, the symbol hasnt been appearing much after Vilains

Mad scientist

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Hawkeye A H E

New topic here

Help!!! My time stamp is attacking me!!! --<font color="red">Autobot</font><font color="brown">Hawk</font><font color="gold">eye</font> [[User:autobot2|<font color="red">\_I</font>]][[User_talk:Autobot2|<font color="brown">_/</font>]][[special:Contributions/Autobot2|<font color="gold">TT\</font>]] 11:38, 12 June 2009 (EDT)