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Bertz (I cant say anymore... the Fed's are after me ^^)
Portrayed by Bertz (see above)
Nickname Bertz
Powers Eating loads of junk food w/o gaining weight, space-time manipulation
Alias Bertz
Sex (let me check) Male
Age 19
Date of birth Some time about 19 years ago... or maybe thats what i was you to think
Occupation Heroes Fan, Student
Favorite Heroes quote "Okay... We don't ever talk about that ever again."
Favorite quote "I'll hunt you down and unplug your toaster. You'll never have toast again!"
Favorite color Blue/Yellow
Favorite episode Five Years Gone
Favorite graphic novel N/a
Favorite character Hiro/Peter
Least favorite character N/a
Favorite power Empathic mimicry
I am from the
United Kingdom