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Portrayed by 27 year old Australian guy
Powers Empathic Absorption, Rapid Cell Regeneration, Literary Manipulation, Telekenesis, elemental manipulation and mimicry, alchemy, aerokenesis, telepathy, persuasion, freezing, pyrokenesis, Tom's power, Trevor's power, induced lightning, elemental transfiguration, electrical manipulation, electrical mimicry, power absorption, empathic mimicry, aura absorption, space and time manipulation, precognitative dreaming, shape shifting, illusions, phasing, super speed, enhanced strength, intuitive aptitude (lost)
Alias JRGM
Sex Male
Age 27
Date of birth 23 November
Home 123 Fake Street
Favorite quote IF life was fair, there would be no suicides
Favorite color green
Favorite episode love them all
Favorite graphic novel love them all
Favorite actress Countless
Favorite Heroes actress Kristen Bell :)
Favorite character Elle, Daphne
Favorite power Aura Absorption, Power absorption, Intuitive Aptitude, Empathic Mimicry
Favorite magazine ATP Magazine

I have a ton of powers from my confrontations with Sylar and Peter Petrelli, but sadly though I absorbed their abilities, Arthur Petrelli and the Haitian were able to take my Intuitive Aptitude. It was the only power they were able to take because as soon as I lost it, my mind went into hyperdrive and I went insane.

I am a member of the Carnival Brothers and a close friend of Samuel Sullivan. We are considering evacuating everyone to a massive city I built in underground Mars 180 million years into the past after using my many powers. I am happily married to my beautiful girl who has Elemental Transfiguration. Anyone who wants to escape the humans led by Eric Thompson Jr. and leave in a heaven meant for the angels like us can come to our city. May the Lord bless all of us angels.