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Aliases Bonchi-chi, Bones, Baroness
Sex Female
Age if I was told to act my age then I'd drop down dead
Home Melee Island
Occupation waiting tables at the Scumm Bar
Favorite sport anything that'll satiate my adrenaline rush, like bungee jumping or sky-diving.

They call me Bones. Now wouldn't you like to know why.

About Me

People have been known to give me odd but endearing names every now and then, so feel free to be creative. Just like a lot of people on this wiki, I'm another faithful fan of Heroes; have been ever since the first episode of Season 1. Even after the tragedy that struck Season 3, I still soldiered on and hoped that things would deviate back to normal - which it did, ultimately.

I like to spend my time reading, writing, drawing, dancing, and going for walks or a jog. I like to read a wide variety of material, but if we're going to speficy then I mostly lean towards comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, or thought-provoking pieces. So you'll see me reading Pratchett, Gaiman, Moore, Christie, Tolkien, and Rowling. I also love reading classic goodies like Austen, Stoker or Stevenson to name a few. One genre I can't stand is tragedy or romance; I'll only read such a book if its been conceived in a refined and believable manner.

I love all forms of music, but mostly I listen to classic, opera, jazz and all genres of rock; mostly prized gems like Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Nazareth, Buddy Holly, Zeppelin, BB King, Guns N Roses, and such. I also love listening to anything like techno/house/trance/electro/hip-hop on the conidtion that it makes you want to rave and dance till the sweat starts pouring.

My favourite shows are, just like my books, comedy and action based sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural. That's why I never get sick of My Name is Earl, Smallville, Supernatural, Heroes, House, Metalocalypse, Bones *but my nickname doesn't stem from the show; it stems from Grim Fandango*, Robot Chicken, and Law & Order: SVU.

As for gaming, I like MK, Tekken, SF, Lucasarts, and the Sims series as well isn't half-bad; its the genetics that keep you hooked.

I'm incredibly hyper-active and I think that's what contributes to my sunny disposition - yes, I'm a heavy optimist, and I 'm proud of that because it takes the piss out of people :)

On occassion I've been known to be crazy in the literal sense because I like to scare people. Or at least that's what Bob says. Half of the time I can't hear him, mind you, because all the other voices in my head are too busy arguing amongst themselves which makes it hard to hear a word from anyone.

But don't let that put you off about me! Other than occassionally biting off the hands of unwary people, or spreading rabies here and there, I'm a well-rounded person and a friend you won't regret to have. You'll soon enough figure out why.

Heroes Wiki

I've recently just joined this wiki, but I've been lurking here for a long time - in fact I think I've caused a few of the girls at my university to join this site because I've found the wiki page to be open on the library's computers. So yay! I raked in members x]

My favourite pages here are mostly the ones pertaining to theories; I like to monitor the activities that go on those pages. I've only just joined, but I'm already aching to correct the spelling or format errors there. I plan to tidy up any mistakes people might have made here and there, such as grammar slips or a mistake in formating; if this isn't within the rules, though, let me know. I also plan on looking out for any vandalism, and reporting/fixing said acts. I think that's just about it.

Other than being a Grammar and Cannon nazi, I love to discuss just about anything relating to Heroes, such as what to expect in an episode, characters, symbolism *I'm known for reading too deeply into things*, Mr. Muggles' plans to take over the world via waffles the sudden disappearance of old characters, et cetera. So feel free to drop me a line anytime about anything


I know there are people looking for Heroes betas, and I'm one those folks. I've got a story that's still in the heavy steps of development, but if anyone is interested in 'beta'ing this story sometime in the future, do let me know. I'm mostly searching for someone who understands Heroes, and how the Heroes-verse works; they mostly keep an eye out of characters, events, plots, and stuff that are related to keeping everything in cannon/character.

On a similar note, I don't mind lending beta services for those interested. I watch out for grammar slips, not just spelling errors, OOCness in characters, Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu alerts, and also do offer suggestions, if asked, about dialogue/scenery/etc. Right now I've just started my second semester in university, but if I am available I will put up a notice here. As for my beta-ethics, I'm very friendly and co-operative. When giving criticism, I'm not harsh either - just provided that so as long as you respect me, then I respect you, capisce?

If you want to contact me, you're more than welcome to leave me a note down below. However, I recommend PMing me via The Muse Bunny mainly because I spend a lot of my time there. For all aspiring writers who are interested in harnessing their literacy prowess, or people looking for fans of similiar interests, then I highly recommend you give the site a try; it's a wonderfully addicting community!~

Questions? Comments? Etc.

Basically I'd like to leave my discussion page for everything and anything relating to edits and such on the Heroes' wiki. This place is just for any general queries or whatever thoughts you have in mind that you'd like to ask me; feel free. Just be civil, thanks.