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Assassin's ability
Held by: The Fraternity of Assassins
Ability to: Increase one's heart rate

Members of The Fraternity of Assassins have the superhuman ability to increase their heart rate in excess of 400 beats per minute, sending abundant amounts of adrenaline into the bloodstream, causing them to have increased strength, speed, and accuracy. This ability also allows members to shoot bullets, then "curve" them.

The Loom

According to the Fraternity's leader, Sloan, every culture in history has a secret code. One which cannot be found in traditional texts. A thousand years ago, a clan of Cathar weavers discovered a mystical language hidden in the fabric of threads woven by a special loom. They called themselves "The Fraternity." What's hidden is a binary code. If there is a mistake in the weaving and a vertical thread is on top it's a 1, if it's below then it's a 0. Decrypted, the code gives the name of a person that fate itself has decreed must be assassinated. It's a mode of necessity to maintain balance in the world. The Fraternity believe this is to forge stability out of chaos. The code of the Fraternity is "kill one and maybe, save a thousand." The specific loom that weaves the fabric with the encrypted names of the targets is called "The Loom of Fate."